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McCarthy Tétrault Drives Superior Client Service and Improves Collaboration Through Innovation

Skyscrapers in a City at SunsetTechnology is an essential tool. But whether it’s helping us email a client, book an appointment, or record account details, technology is only helpful as long as it’s used and valued.

This is the premise that McCarthy Tétrault, a leading Canadian law firm, uses when approaching their own innovation strategies. The end result is technological innovation that drives cultural and digital transformation and provides their lawyers with solutions that help them better service their clients, improve team collaboration, and understand their relationships.

For greater insight into how McCarthy Tétrault is driving innovation at their firm, we recently spoke with Nick Rubbo, the Senior National Director, Clients & Markets, Strategic Planning for the firm. While the firm already has a solid, innovative foundation, Nick and their Innovation Team have taken significant strides to provide more value to their clients.

The Inspiration for Innovation

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McCarthy Tétrault has a strong history of innovation. As the first national law firm in Canada, McCarthy Tétrault was one of the first law firms to develop legal project management, digital information management services, and other cutting-edge legal solutions. And as motivation for those innovations, they have a great source of inspiration: their clients.

“All of our innovations are centred around finding ways to better serve our clients,” Nick explains. “Innovation for us starts with our clients, their journey, and how we collaborate around them and how we can better address their needs.”

However, with 550 lawyers spread across Canada, New York, London, and other hubs, Nick and the rest of the Clients, Markets, and Service Innovation Team still saw opportunities for improvement in regard to collaboration.

“We needed ways to better communicate within the firm and promote better team cohesion. This caused us to look for a solution that would make it easy for our lawyers to stay up to date on their client’s information, business development activities, industry news, and more. We wanted to build a platform that would put our clients at the centre of everything we do,” Nick shares.

To do this, McCarthy Tétrault sought to collect all of their client, company, and industry data and put it in a central, easy-to-access location. The goal was to help their lawyers better service clients through greater transparency of information, coordination, and accountability. In researching platforms that could help them reach this goal, McCarthy Tétrault selected the Salesforce platform and rebranded it internally as Client Connect to align their messaging to their main objective which is collaboration around their clients.

“Clients are the centre of our business,” Nick points out. “Developing Client Connect was about mapping the entire client journey in one platform from lead generation to service delivery and how we’re operating on those matters. We were doing this in the past, but not in a cohesive, collaborative platform.”

By putting clients in the driver seat, McCarthy Tétrault’s innovations are better suited for delivering value to their clients as well as their lawyers.

Increasing Visibility Into Client Relationships

While Salesforce allows for many customizations that addressed McCarthy Tétrault needs, some of the native construct of Salesforce didn’t address one key element critical to professional services firms — relationship management. They needed a higher level of transparency to truly understand the depth of client and prospect relationships within the firm. To unearth more value, McCarthy Tétrault needed to dig deeper into who knows who within the firm.

“Our goal is to make Client Connect the single source of truth about our clients, but we needed greater points of data on who we know and how well we know them,” Nick says.

To help address this, they created a declarative function within Client Connect that allowed lawyers to declare a relationship with a contact. Although this is a great add-on to Client Connect, it only captures what users declare and is an incomplete picture of their relationships. They needed a solution to also give them insights on relationship strength and on relationships not currently identified in Client Connect. Thankfully, Introhive could work with Client Connect to show all of the common connections to contact, and more, regardless of their presence in the CRM.

“Ninety percent of our business development strategy is diving deeper into relationships and identifying the right points of entry. If we could map all of our relationships and gauge their strengths, we could get a better sense of who our lawyers know, who is missing from our CRM, who knows whom best, and more. This would allow us to form more effective business development strategies, and this is why Introhive was introduced into our innovation roadmap,” Nick says.

With Introhive relationship intelligence automation’s seamless integration with Client Connect, lawyers will be able to instantly see valuable relationship insights like strength, mutual connections, account activity, pre-meeting briefings, and more. By increasing the quantity and quality of relationship insights available in the platform, Introhive will enable the development of stronger client relationships and improved collaboration on accounts — key goals for the McCarthy Tétrault Innovation Team. And because Introhive is fully automated, McCarthy Tétrault’s lawyers will realize the value of the solution without being overloaded with manual data entry, management, or analysis.

Creating Value to Drive Cultural Transformation

Technology solutions are only effective when they’re valued by the individuals using them.

“If there is no value, there won’t be adoption. If there is no adoption, there won’t be change. If there is no change, there won’t be a cultural shift,” Nick states.

It was important when looking at an innovative technology solution that the tool would be useful and provide value to McCarthy Tétrault’s lawyers. Otherwise, their lawyers would not use the tool or change their behaviour. Thankfully, through platforms like Client Connect and Introhive, McCarthy Tétrault is on the right track for delivering value.

“Having everything in one place, allowing our lawyers to see who they know and how well they know them, as well as a summary of all of their client activity, is pretty powerful data that they weren’t able to see before. Our pilot users are finding it all really exciting,” Nick reports.

To make sure that value is being found, the Innovation Team is continually looking for feedback from lawyers to ensure that their solution helps them better service their clients. This feedback is what has helped McCarthy Tétrault’s Innovation Team develop a full functional pilot of Client Connect that is powered by Introhive relationship intelligence.

“We have a lot of momentum internally going into the launch of Introhive and we are doing everything we can to surface more value for our lawyers,” Nick notes. “Hopefully, this leads to our lawyers contributing to the platform and consuming the information housed within it more.”

Through ensuring their solutions deliver more value, McCarthy Tétrault’s can drive real cultural change that facilitates better, stronger client relationships.

Innovation Is a Commitment

Introhive and Salesforce are helping McCarthy Tétrault progress reach their innovation goals of helping their lawyers better service their clients through improved collaboration, transparency, and visibility.

When looking ahead to the future, McCarthy Tétrault’s Innovation Team is focused on leveraging the valuable client data Introhive provides to further increase the usefulness of their Client Connect CRM system. Stay up to date on McCarthy Tétrault’s innovation story by giving them a follow LinkedIn and Twitter.

To see how your law firm can make further strides towards innovating your service offerings and delivery, request a demo of Introhive.

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