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Missed the Dreamforce Keynote? Here are the points those in Social Sales need to know.

Introhive | url 25 1 | Missed the Dreamforce Keynote? Here are the points those in Social Sales need to know.

Whether you’re at the event or just tuned into the live stream, event keynotes are always theater worth watching, and the keynote that kicks off Dreamforce usually sets the tone for the entire industry.

Between Huey Lewis and the News performances and some truly motivating and inspiring stories from’s philanthropy, here are a few of the takeaways from this morning that those in sales and sales leadership need to know:

  • The biggest announcement from this week also took up a great deal of the keynote. I’m talking, of course, about Salesforce1. Salesforce1 is an API loaded platform that’s truly mobile and tablet friendly, and it organizes everything from your CRM into logical and easy to understand and access flows. It’s especially built to integrate smoothly with custom apps and Salesforce App Exchange partners like Introhive.
  • Salesforce believes in the Internet of Customers, which is their way of framing the internet of things. Benioff pointed out, correctly, that behind all of the connected devices and objects are people — customers. Expect to hear a lot more about the internet of customers and how to make connected customers the focus of your organization as well as your sales efforts. used the example of a medical technician, a customer, being able to access customer service directly from an ultrasound device, making the device itself a channel for customer service.
  • Linda Crawford, Sales Cloud EVP & GM, drove home the advantages of Salesforce1 for the Sales Cloud. She used examples right on the phone, like an app for Salesforce1 called Today, which combines calendar and Salesforce information in one place. She also drove home that prospecting, and by extension ‘cold calling’ isn’t what it used to be. With Salesforce1 you can swipe a contact or lead record to get more information about the lead via social media, and it’s fully integrated with Pardot. She also demo’d how Sales Cloud runs directly on a sales rep’s smart watch.

We’re excited to let you know that Introhive is Salesforce1 ready. Tune into tomorrow’s Sales Cloud Keynote to learn more about that, and we’ll have a recap and more info right here on the blog as well.

What did you take away from the keynote? Will anything from this morning’s presentation change how you do business in the next year?

Introhive’s booth at Dreamforce is #N1330. We’d love it if you stopped by to say ‘hi’. Check this special Dreamforce page for details, and to follow along with all of our blog posts, recommendations, and recaps.

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