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Why People Love Introhive CRM Automation Software

Businessman using crm automation softwareThere are many benefits of CRM automation your business can experience, from increasing productivity to improving data accuracy. But not every CRM automation vendor provides the same level of experience, service, or results. Your CRM automation software might take too long to set up, require that you use a specific CRM, or use only a few data sources.

Here at Introhive, we pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience for both your executive leadership and end users of your CRM by offering superior automation and relationship insights. Through key integrations with your existing CRM, email service, and multiple data sources, we can automatically give your sales team a greater understanding of their client relationships, enabling them to grow their connections (and their sales numbers).

To give you a better idea of what you can expect with our CRM data automation — and why it’s so effective — we spoke with some our clients when we met up with them on the floors of Dreamforce 2017. Below, you can see how we’ve helped them improve their business and how we could help you, too.

Integrates With Existing Systems

Between email, CRM, contract management, and other essential software, there are already way too many tools that your sales team needs to use on a daily basis. So adding another tool into the mix probably isn’t going to be liked by your sales team. They might see it as just another place to log into.

Knowing that salespeople already have enough tools to deal with, our tool seamlessly integrates with the systems they already use. Our client, Randy Batson, of EY has taken notice, sharing:

“Introhive is able to recognize that salespeople live in Outlook. Using the Introhive technology, salespeople are not only able to look at who in their organization has the best relationship, but as they’re interacting with customers and updating CRM systems, they’re able to do that through a look and feel that they’re very comfortable with — and that’s Outlook.”

By making it easy to integrate with existing systems and favorite tools, it’s easy for our clients to get started using the tool right away. Chris Brand of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) told us:

“Introhive was surprisingly easy to integrate with. It provided a real value to us right out of the gate on day one.”

Without key integrations, it may take considerably longer to earn buy-in from your CRM’s end users, causing adoption rates and usage to go down.

Improves User Adoption Rates

Speaking of adoption, there are typically many internal hurdles that businesses need to overcome to get their teams onboard. There are technical requirements, security and data concerns, and ease of use to name just a few of the obstacles companies need to consider when looking at new sales tools.

When in larger companies, these obstacles only grow in size and number. To help you overcome these internal challenges and improve CRM adoption, our platform can be customized to fit your unique needs. Chris touched on that point, saying:

“In a company like ours, we have a lot of technical requirements in terms of what we are and are not allowed to do. The platform worked really well for us in terms of isolating those items. As a result, we had a lot of great adoption.”

By working closely with your internal teams to understand your unique challenges, we can overcome your adoption hurdles together. As the saying goes, “two is better than one.”

Watch our full interview with Chris to see how PwC adopted the Introhive tool below.

Eliminates Mundane Tasks

With automation, the big benefit right off the bat is that it saves time and energy for team by taking work off of their plate. Between our data automation and relationship intelligence automation, we are not only able to eliminate tedious data entry but also extensive relationship analysis.

Our clients have already seen the benefits of this, with Randy commenting:

“With Introhive’s relationship intelligence automation the salesperson is able to clean up their data as they’re interacting with customers. If they identify a new contact because that was added to an email, that’s done automatically and it minimizes the amount of administration that the sales professional has to go through.”

And with less administration, sales professionals using Introhive can focus more on their client relationships instead of getting bogged down with managing the CRM or recording their interactions.

Want to hear the rest of what Randy had to say about Introhive and relationship intelligence? Watch the full interview below.

Enhances Data and Insights

One of the problems with CRM is the quality of data going into and coming out of the system. Simply put, manual data entry allows for human error and infrequent updating. If this goes on for long, you can see how your client data and records can quickly become out of date and inaccurate.

PwC’s Philip Grosch loved the fact that Introhive solves that problem, telling us:

“Introhive makes the process of keeping information up to date a lot easier because a lot of those actions become automated. It’s the power of data science solving a very specific problem.”

When we asked Jon McGinley of CloudKettle how Introhive has helped his clients optimize their systems, he also emphasized that:

“Introhive has been able to help a lot of our clients add more data to their CRM system, building on those relationships and really looking to see where those connections are and helping them move deals through faster.”

How do we help you identify those connections?

Screenshot of Introhive Relationship Mapping

Through tools like relationship mapping (above) and relationship analytics, we automatically identify the people you know and the people you know well so your sales team can gain referrals and warm introductions with your targets.

To learn about the other CRM problems that Introhive solves (and, yes, there are others), view our full chat with Jon down below.

Interested in hearing more about our partnership with PwC’s Innovation Lab? Watch our full discussion with Philip.

Ready to See Introhive in Action?

At the end of the day, our clients love our CRM automation software because it makes their lives easier. With relationship insights automatically discovered — and delivered — sales teams can spend more time with clients and less time elbow-deep in their CRM. Discover how Introhive can help your company make the most of your CRM system by requesting a product demonstration.

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