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Reduce the Overwhelm with AI to Increase Productivity

For many organisations, increasing productivity is one of the main reasons why they make the leap to invest in technology. Productivity can suffer as a result of many factors in a team or individual’s day-to-day. From the never-ending to-do list to constant interruptions over the course of a workday, it’s easy to understand why teams feel overwhelmed and how productivity suffers. Just picture this:

You’re in the middle of preparing a client presentation when your phone lights up. One of your prospects just needs some clarification. You’re on a tight deadline, but this prospect is a bit high maintenance, so you put the deck aside and text him back. A minute later, Slack dings. A colleague wants to discuss strategy for an upcoming business review. As you try and find time in your jam-packed schedule, a new email comes in from your boss. Forecasts are due.

Does this sound all too familiar? Let’s look at how your brain reacts.

what happens in your brain when you're overwhelmed?You probably started your day operating within the frontal lobes of your brain. This part of the brain guides smart decision-making, organizing, planning, and time management. Work gets done efficiently and you experience increased productivity because you remain in charge and engaged.

But then, there’s a tipping point… a straw that breaks the camel’s back, if you will. As soon as the amount of data you can reasonably balance at once (or your working memory) reaches capacity, our brain shifts from using the more advanced processing power of the frontal lobe and into the more primitive limbic system, more specifically the amygdala. All that productivity and creativity? Well…

This is bad news for those of us who have a lot on our plates. The amygdala is responsible for fight or flight, meaning you lose creativity, intelligence, and the general ability to make well-thought decisions even for the seemingly small stuff because your amygdala is focusing energy on what it considers a higher priority.

We’re living in a digital age, and many successful organizations are well on their digital transformation journey. So as the number of insights and data we have access to grows, and the number of opportunities, meetings, emails, and quotas increases, how can we improve our ability to effectively juggle these priorities? How do we squeeze value out of these data points and increase our capacity? Machine Learning is how. 

Introhive’s Productivity Intelligence suite cuts through the noise, giving your team a data-driven approach to prioritization and strategy. By arming your team with next best actions trained by your company’s historical performance, you can quickly ramp new reps, improve efficiency, and close more deals, faster. Sales leaders are equipped with team-wide visibility into how we’re allocating our time, and quickly pinpoint, implement, and coach best practices with agility. 

Check out our on-demand webinar below to learn how we can help your team realise increased productivity by reducing the overwhelm of day-to-day operations through automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
Introhive | PIv5 | Reduce the Overwhelm with AI to Increase Productivity

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