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Prove the ROI of Trade Show Relationship Building

If you work in the events industry or if you market in an industry where the best way to reach potential customers is through trade shows and events you intrinsically know how a great show can move the needle for your company, but it’s equally true that proving the value of an expensive trade show to company stakeholders can be a challenge. Or maybe you do a lot of shows every year and you’re wondering how to compare the value of one show vs. another.

This is one problem the Introhive platform can solve. Introhive measures all of the communications your company has with accounts and prospects and can report on changes and trends in activity over time. For example, reporting on the trend in the relationship score Introhive generates between your company and a prospect or account.

You can also use Introhive to get detailed information about communications between your company and an account or prospect before and after your event.

Combine Introhive with your CRM you get even more powerful event reports

Introhive has integrations for both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM presently, with plans for more. Combining Introhive’s relationship data with reports generated from CRM can give you even more detailed information about the business your trade show generated.

For instance, dive into analyzing your leads to understand how many of the leads are brand new vs. prospects where your organization is already nurturing the relationship.

And not only can you see if a lead who visited your tradeshow booth had an existing relationship, but also the strength of the relationship. This information can be used to segment follow-up marketing and targeting. For example a lead without a prior relationship might be interested in your key product use cases while a lead with a strong existing relationship might be most interested just in the newest features your announcing or scheduling an in-depth demo with a salesperson.

You might already be using your CRM to report on trade show leads (if not, get on that). Combining your existing reports with Introhive data brings even more value and insight. You can segment your views of trade show leads by Relationship data.

You can use these new views in some new ways you might not have considered when doing follow-up marketing:

  • Identify new relationships and customize marketing when reaching out to person for first time
  • Identify when an organization have gone cold, but new contacts from that organization have visited your trade show exhibit, offering new channels to get into a company
  • Identify when existing relationships have been strengthened and the opportunity to upsell or renew an existing customer presents itself
  • Assign new tradeshow leads to salespeople where existing strong relationships to their territory or industry exist.

If you’d like to learn more or see a personal demo of Introhive, request one at any time. We’d love to talk.

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