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Sales Activities: Volume vs Value

When it comes to sales activities, should you be looking at volume – that is, how busy your reps are – or at the value of their activities?

From one company to another, every sales organization looks slightly different. From the roles and responsibilities of the sales team, whether they’re divided by territory, vertical, or product line, to their comp plans and everything in between…  But one common thread that connects all sales organizations is the series of calls, emails, meetings, that they complete as they build relationships with their prospects and clients. At the end of the day, though the exact formula may differ from company to company, the goal of these activities remains the same: build relationships that drive revenue. 

As sales teams complete these various activities, it’s important to leverage Activity Intelligence to analyze and identify trends. How much time are top performers spending on phone calls with prospects? Is there a particular rep whose activity levels are declining? 

Introhive | Sales Value Vs Volume 1 | Sales Activities: Volume vs ValueAnalyzing activity data is a great way to understand what’s working, and what isn’t, to slice and data to understand how time is being spent, to generate your own insights or to test assumptions. The problem is, relying on Activity Intelligence alone to inform your strategy can have a negative impact on your overall performance. If you’re basing your rep performance on the sheer volume of activities alone, you run the risk of encouraging high-volume activities, rather than high-value activities. 

Instead of setting targets solely for activity levels, what if you helped each of your reps prioritize activities that are proven to progress an opportunity through the funnel?

With Introhive’s Deal Coach, you can help your sellers prioritize the right opportunities and the right actions at scale. 

Deal Coach leverages artificial intelligence to cut through the noise, analyzing large volumes of data to pinpoint patterns of success, and to provide recommendations to reroute when you’re straying away and to continue forging ahead when you’re on track.  

  • Should we involve an internal executive to untick the opportunity?
  • Should we prioritize a particular opportunity that’s winnability score has decreased?
  • Has communication with an opportunity flatlined?

Deal Coach acts as a force multiplier, equipping every seller in your organization with the insights and suggestions they need to prioritize the actions and opportunities that are most likely to build relationships that drive revenue. 

While analyzing activity levels can yield some interesting findings around seller productivity, rather than requiring reps to meet activity levels (regardless of their quality), with Introhive, sales teams can close more deals, in less time by optimizing their time, investing in high-value activities. 

Introhive | Copy of Request a demo 1 | Sales Activities: Volume vs Value

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