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Salesforce Reports Using Relationship Data

Introhive | url 20 2 | Salesforce Reports Using Relationship Data

Salesforce is a powerful tool not only for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities, but because of the marketplace they have built around it. The Salesforce AppExchange allows organizations to integrate their products directly into their customer’s CRM database, allowing for a limitless amount of options for exposing and leveraging this data.

Introhive is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Customers downloading our app not only will be able to interact with Introhive data directly in their lead, contact, and account records, but they can also integrate Introhive information into their reports and dashboards–allowing them to view their data in a whole new way.

Here are a couple of reports that our customers have found most helpful:

Account Relationship Change

Introhive | url 47 | Salesforce Reports Using Relationship Data

This report allows you to group all the accounts (either on an individual, team or company level) into 3 categories based on the change in relationship score over the past 90 days: Negative, Neutral and Positive. This allows you to quickly flush out those accounts that have great growth and those accounts that might be in trouble.

Customer Relationship Strength

Similar to the Account Relationship Change report, this report looks at the account relationship change, but only for your customers. Companies love this report as it allow them to integrate their renewal dates into these reports and get a sense on if that account is in good standing or not well ahead of when renewal conversations begin (and provide ample lead time if a lack of communication on the account does exist).

Top Relationship Accounts by Vertical

One of the reports that Sales Managers love is breaking down the current relationships that exist within their sales teams accounts by vertical. This gives them insight into which verticals have good coverage and which ones might need help based on what the top relationship strength is within each company and vertical.

Relationship Strength Breakdown

Introhive | url 21 2 | Salesforce Reports Using Relationship Data

Similar to the Account Relationship Change report, this report examines what the top relationship strength is within an account (e.g. out of every relationship that exists within a company, what is the score of the person that knows someone the best). This report then breaks down these accounts into 4 categories: Hot, Warm, Cold, No Relationship. What this allows is for a view (either on an individual, team or company level) as to what accounts have great relationships built within and which accounts don’t.

Marketing Leads with Relationships

One of the reports that marketing teams love the most is the Marketing Leads with Relationships. What this does is examine every single marketing lead that comes in and then examines whether or not that lead already has an existing relationship with someone in the organization. This gives a percentage of how many marketing leads are actually new to the organization and how many already had a pre-existing relationship. This report is then broken down by each marketing source.

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