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Seven Social Selling Hacks That Will Drive Results

Social selling is widely being lauded as the new greatest way of selling. But how do you actually do it? How do you actually take the concept of social selling and turn it into real results?

That’s the question that thousands of executives around the world are trying to figure out. We’ve spent the last few months building Introhive to finally make social selling real. In the process, we’ve uncovered a handful of social selling hacks that can help you achieve results.

Here are seven social selling hacks that will drive business results for your company:

1. Use An App Like Boomerang To Schedule Emails

Boomerang gives you control around when you send and receive emails. A popular app for Gmail and Outlook, Boomerang allows you to schedule the exact date and time for your email delivery and receipt. Giving you an opportunity to be more strategic with your emails going to prospects at times most convenient for them.

With Boomerang you can also take emails out of your inbox until you need them again by scheduling the email to automatically return to your inbox when you decide. Imagine, not having to mark your messages as “unread” and chance forgetting to respond all together.

2. Use Introhive To Measure Relationship Strength

Introhive brings social selling to life. We offer companies an enterprise-wide view of their relationships with customers and prospects. This helps companies make data driven decisions and actions to improve their overall sales process.

Our platform scores and ranks relationships to reveal insight that leads to action for sales, customer success and marketing.

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3. Watch Who’s Watching You On LinkedIn

Pay attention to who’s viewing your LinkedIn profile. Often, when people do a Google search for your name or company, one of the top search results will be your LinkedIn profile (sometimes before your company website).

Be sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized, loaded with keywords and value-driven achievements. Go one step further and evaluate the keywords your customers would use and include them in your professional profile. Rather than focusing on what your resume might say, fully develop a value-filled story that represents your credibility and speaks to the value in the brand you represent.

4. Use Rapporative To Gather Prospect Intelligence

Rapportive super-charges your contact lists. Rapportive is a relationship management tool that shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. This tool allows you to see what people look like, where they are, and what they do. You can establish rapport with your contacts by identifying shared interests and can even connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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5. Share Relevant Content To Build Your Relationship

Engage customers online by creating and sharing value-driven content. The content you share should offer them something of value. For example, is there a problem or concern that you can solve? Is there a need that you can satisfy?

This is where content marketing and sales combine to drive real results. As sales professionals, you need to be armed with relevant content that can be shared with your prospects and leads. Whether it’s an eBook, new slide deck or a one pager highlighting your value proposition – it all has a role in the sales process.

6. Follow & Engage With Potential Leads On Twitter

With more than 500 billion active users tweeting 400 million tweets and entering 1.6 billion search terms every day, Twitter is the perfect secret weapon for sales professionals.

Not only is Twitter a great place to find and monitor your competition and their interaction with prospective clients but it’s also the ideal place to discover prospects, build relationships and gain deep insights into your prospects’ needs and wants.

7. Build Relationships With Media On Twitter

Develop and nurture relationships with media journalists on Twitter through relevant and authentic conversation. Start by asking questions, sharing their content, mentioning and direct messaging them when you don’t have an “ask” to build a real relationship. Over time consider offering valuable information that will help them achieve their goals through introductions and leads. In doing so, you will build good rapport and increase the likelihood of being called upon when an expert is needed.

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