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Smart Sync: The Fast Track to Complete CRM Data

Many Introhive customers rely on our Smart Sync technology to improve their CRM data by cutting through the noise, ensuring the right data makes it to CRM, and making it easier for sales and BD teams to find the info they need. Read on to learn why Smart Sync is the new must-have for CRM data management.

With market saturation, rising customer expectation, and an abundance of information at buyers fingertips, many experts argue that if you neglect to put your customer experience first, it’s only a matter of time before you’re pushed out of the market completely.

Do you put your customer at the heart of every decision? Wait, back up.. do you have the data available and consolidated to even make that a core focus? 

If not, how much change is necessary to get there? Are we talking tweaks or a full transformation?

It’s impossible to capture a single-client view when valuable data is spread out and disjointed across your entire revenue engine and the systems that support their day-to-day. That disconnect fractures the customer journey, and their experience takes a direct hit. In today’s buyer-dictated world, that’s an easy excuse to jump ship. 

In an effort to bridge siloed information, many organizations have turned to CRM automation tools to automatically pipe customer data into their system, without burdening revenue teams. But are those one-size-fits-all solutions tipping the scales too far in the other direction? We all connect with friends, family members, internet providers; we attend webinars, receive marketing emails, debate with school principals (or is that just me?)… Is the only alternative to open the floodgates and sync every single contact and activity? Not anymore.

Introhive is focused on achieving that perfect balance to ensure relevancy and focus… and from our experience, we know that differs for every company. This is why we’re handing over the keys, allowing every organization to define what a valuable contact or activity looks like for them.

With Smart Sync, you have the control to build any combination of your own custom rules. Here are a few examples to get your wheels turning:

  • Minimum Title score: Set a seniority level to make sure every VIP contact (let’s say Director and above) make their way into your CRM
  • Relationship strength: Want to ensure you’ve established rapport prior to syncing? No problem.
  • Address completion or full name: You don’t want Joe, you want Mr Joe Blow. This rule would populate contacts with full names and/or addresses into your database.
  • The number of attendees: Webinars your teams have attended are irrelevant when it comes to contacts that get synced to your CRM, so easily set a ceiling to make sure those don’t distract your revenue teams with noise.

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With our hybrid-model CRM automation, you have access to the best of both worlds. You can set up Smart Sync with your own tailored set of rules, and any contact or activity that doesn’t meet your criteria can be sent via our Combined Digest. This ensures the high-value data syncs automatically, and the rest can be quickly reviewed by your team members, directly from their email, and synced with one click. Our customers are finding success with this technique by leveraging our enrichment engine, where they set a Smart Sync rule to auto-map all contact data sourced with high-confidence (leaving the low to medium confidence data to the people who own that particular relationship).

So, should you tweak or transform?

Market leaders are constantly tweaking and optimizing their business model, and part of that is due to advancing technologies that are gaining access to new customer insights. But let’s face it, people don’t change their habits overnight. You need solutions that are low-lift, low change management, and provide immediate value to users for adoption to take place. At Introhive, we understand that, which is why we’ve been so successful. 

Benchmarks are rising at a rapid pace and competitors are knocking on your door. It’s no longer “okay” to be satisfactory. The first step in becoming customer-obsessed (and achieve true growth), is to break down silos and improve transparency across the organization – this will drive alignment, consistency, and efficiency, all of which feed client experience and long-term success.

Ready to learn how Introhive can help you improve your data quality through Smart Sync? Get in touch today.


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