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From Sports to Sales: Celia’s Story

I can hear my pulse echoing in my ears and the feeling of anticipation is in the pit of my stomach. You might think I’m about to pick up the phone to make some cold calls and, in this phase of life, you might be right. In a past life, however, I’d be staring down the starting line of an international 800m race on National TV.

While I’ve since retired from pursuing my Olympic dreams, I feel fortunate and grateful that sports provided me with the opportunity both to fly and to fail. With the perfect race, you felt like you were flying, motivated by the potential to celebrate each day of meticulous training by crossing the line in a new best performance or a hard-fought win. Conversely, if you fell short, you began the process of valuation, pitting passion against reality, and searching for an opportunity for growth from disappointment.

Celia Peters runs an 800m race during her semi-professional sports careerIf the life of a semi-professional track and field athlete taught me anything, it’s the level of dedication, sacrifice and purposefulness it takes to succeed at something you’re passionate about. That there will be bumps in the road, injuries, and distractions but if you work on an appreciation of the process your resilience will carry you far.

It’s no surprise that this sentiment also rings true as a woman in sales. The self-discovery required to truly believe in oneself day after day, year after year despite setbacks and doubts, is what sets the true competitor and businesswoman apart – especially this year. Some days it’s about blocking out the noise and getting to work. Other days, it’s about leaning into that small but impactful move your competitor has made and planning your response – whether it’s patience or plotting a sprint to the finish.

Women in business are uniquely positioned to tackle the new challenges thrown at us when given the right support. I’m thankful every day to be a part of a team willing to go the extra mile to make an impact in tech while valuing everyone’s unique contribution. Using the confidence and resilience honed as an athlete, I’m proud to make my voice heard and trust that I’m absolutely where I should be; prepared for a new track ahead.

These days, that means finishing a sales call then dashing out the door to take me and my growing baby bump out for a run. And I couldn’t be prouder.

— Celia Peters, Account Executive

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