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The Real Reason Your Sales Have Stalled This Quarter

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Have you recently taken a closer look at your figures and wondered why things are slowing? It’s often that we blame the time of the year or the post holiday blues for the plateau in sales, but is that really the problem?

Over the years, I’ve worked with many brands on their strategic plans to find that the most obvious answer isn’t always the correct one. In fact, you’re more likely to uncover issues when talking to the people on the ground floor as they can share insights that really matter.

When managing a B2B sales team, it’s important to communicate effectively with your reps. Whether you hold a weekly one-on-one or a regular team meeting to discuss both opportunities and threats, communication can drive real results. Here are a few things that might be causing your sales to plateau or stall:

Goals Are Being Diluted

A great sales rep is self-motivated. It’s one of the characteristics that defines the best sales reps from the rest of the pack. A sales team that is no longer aligned on a goal or lacks self-motivation is a recipe for disaster. As such, it’s important for sales managers to discuss the goals of an organization, and the individuals on a regular basis. Take their goals seriously and provide an environment where they can achieve them.

Poor Introductions & Relationships

Sales is built on relationships. The more people you’re connected with, the more opportunities you have to make a sale. In todays world, it’s easier than ever to be connected or get connected to a potential prospect or existing lead. Yet, the challenge is ensuring that your approach to get connected is the right one.

Introductions play a significant role in the sales process. The wrong introduction could result in a warm lead becoming cold, and the right introduction could turn a cold lead into a scorcher. Our platform helps you identify people in your organization that can make the right introductions at the right time.

Era Requires New Skills

Does your sales team still spend the majority of their time cold calling potential clients? If so, that’s a problem that needs to be looked at. It’s a problem with your organizations culture and could be a sign that you’re not staying up with the times.

The cold calling era has come to an end. We live in a world where warm introductions are not just preferred but also can be considered a competitive edge. Social media and technology provides your sales reps with an opportunity to be more effective, more efficient and ultimately do their job better

Don’t allow your sales team to continue doing things as they always were. The moment you begin accepting sales results at the status quo, your organization and culture will begin to lose its edge. You must be committed to growth and building a team culture that gets excited about change and advancement.

What are you doing to ensure your team stays motivated?

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