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Three Questions You Should Ask Before Diving Head First Into Social Selling

Introhive | what accomplish | Three Questions You Should Ask Before Diving Head First Into Social Selling

Social selling is generating all the buzz so far in 2014. You can’t stop hearing about it but you haven’t jumped on board yet. But you’re here, so I know you’re thinking about it.

To be blunt, it’s time to develop your social selling strategy and start reeling in the profits. After all, everyone else is already doing it. If you want to see more revenue, more referrals, more leads, and deeper customer relationships, then you need to adopt a social selling strategy.

Before you get started, ask yourself these three questions:

1. What Are We Looking To Accomplish?

Before you jump in head first, think carefully about what you want to accomplish with your social selling strategy. Keep in mind that this might require a shift in the way your team thinks about sales. While you might already have sales goals developed, social selling goals look a bit different and serve a different purpose.

Social selling requires you to think about the connections your making with people in addition to the numbers your hitting each month.

Establishing your goals is key to social selling success. You need to understand why you’re doing it and what you want to get out of it before you participate in it.

Create clear goals, for example:

  • To generate new leads
  • To increase traffic to the website
  • To deepen relationships with current customers, increase loyalty
  • To connect with social influencers to build credibility and widen your network
  • To increase referrals

These goals will guide your approach to social selling and set the tone for your strategy.

2. How Active Is Our Team On Social Media?

The popularity and use of social media has reached incredible levels.

Consider some of these numbers:

  • There are 231.7 million monthly active Twitter users. Only about half of these users are tweeting, the rest are reading content.
  • A branded Vine video is four times more likely to be seen than a regular branded video.
  • Last year, 95% of Facebook users logged into their account every day.

Social media is not just for pictures and casual conversations anymore. It’s way more than that. Consider that 78% of sales people who use social selling outsell those who don’t.

It’s not just important for you embrace these tools; it’s crucial. The good news is that it’s not too late to start, but you need to move quickly. Technology and social trends change by the minute. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

That being said, if you (or members of your team) are currently active on social media, keep going! You’re already on your way to growing your sales funnel.

3. What Technology Is Right For You?

Finally, you should spend some time thinking about the technology that best suits your needs and goals. Technologies continue to change and advance at an incredible rate making it challenging to know which ones are right for you.

Really, it’s when we have the full suite of tools that we’re best able to understand our sales landscape and how to best succeed within it.

We can help. Introhive gives companies an enterprise-wide view of their relationships with customers and prospects. This helps companies make data driven decisions and actions to improve the sales process from end to end, from planning to selling, to retaining.

As you think about what social selling looks like for your company, be sure to consider what tactics, goals, and technologies will help you drive success and bring your sales strategy back to life.

Learn more about social selling and find out how to put Introhive to work for you today.

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