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Top 6 Sales Lessons for Business Development

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Introhive’s very own sales expert Ben Brammer brings you the top 6 sales lessons for Business Development.

These are the key takeaways Ben has gleaned from his time (so far) selling for Introhive, including tapping into the power of relationship intelligence to pursue warm leads, prioritizing relationship building, and the importance of sales teams having access to the same client information. 

If you’re looking for tips on how to work smarter to close more deals, look no further; Ben’s got you covered.

1. Find the warm leads first

Well aware that 84% of B2B buying processes start with a warm referral (Hubspot), Ben takes full advantage of the relationship intelligence available in his tech stack to craft a winning game plan. 

“As a relationship manager, my objective is to source out new leads and opportunities. Whether that be from a referral from a colleague, or organically. The amount of warm referrals that end up in some part of the sales cycle is staggering: 84%.

“When I get to prospect accounts I typically look at the record or notes on Salesforce first. That’s my number one objective, to check that there’s no opportunity already existing, and if there is, how do I leverage the previous notes on that opportunity to best assist me in moving forward. It’s super beneficial living out of the tools that we use on an everyday basis.”

2. Find tools that enhance working from home

Working from home is not an issue for Ben thanks to Introhive tools like the pre-meeting email digest that makes sure every member of the sales team is on the same page.

“We’re living in a digital world right now, so the idea of running down the hall and trying to brainstorm with colleagues or a mentor isn’t easily done. The Introhive pre-meeting digest lands in my inbox on the mornings I have prospects or client calls; it’s something that I often share with others who are going to be part of the call. We do a lot of team selling here at Introhive so it’s important we’re all on the same page heading into a client call.”

3. Do your history homework

Understandably, Ben makes extensive use of his own product to drive his personal sales efforts. Introhive’s productivity tools provide an exhaustive overview of his entire team’s history with an organization, even ranking the depth of relationships between his colleagues and his clients.

“I always tend to look at the Introhive iFrame within Salesforce to review historical activity on the opportunity or account record, so that I can better understand who was part of the deal previously. I monitor it quite closely. It didn’t make sense to me not to leverage the tool—it’s like working at a Ford dealership and driving a Toyota. I’m practicing what I preach. 

“Obviously I take advantage of our relationship scores. They’re better than LinkedIn because it gives me a real picture of who actually knows who, how well they know them, and the interactions that fuel their connection.”

4. Find a needle in a haystack

Ben taps into Introhive’s relationship mapping capabilities to confidently identify and target his efforts at the right decision-makers, even in companies with thousands of employees.

“It’s a daunting task for someone in business development to source out that decision-maker—that perfect lead, in a very large company. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. 

“Recently, using  Introhive I found out that one of my colleagues had a very strong connection with an individual at a large company I was prospecting. We set up a five-minute internal meeting, and within an hour I had a meeting with the senior VP of sales. The process was seamless. 

“I never want to step on anyone’s toes, so that’s why I do my due diligence and look into the latest activity on the opportunity records. I also want to fast track my deals, so I can get on a call and progress that deal further down the pipeline, fast.”

5. Get a 360-degree view

By diving deep into the relationship intelligence capabilities of Introhive, Ben’s relationships with current and prospective accounts bloom on a deeper level.

“One thing that I really enjoy about Introhive is that it gives me a 360-degree view of everything that goes on in the account. At my previous company, I probably said this statement 100 times a day: I wish our CRM would allow me to see exactly who knows who, and how they can introduce me.

“It was so amazing to see the power Introhive holds. You can learn about the product, you can hear about the product, you can watch the platform in any of our demonstrations—but to feel it with your own hands, and to enhance the power of Salesforce, it was incredible for me.”

6. Save time by working smart

Every business development professional knows that time equals money. Ben finds ways through Introhive to streamline workflows and spend more time selling.

“Using the pre-meeting digest is incredible in terms of saving time. Time is money, and a pre-meeting digest gives me free time to brainstorm and collaborate and get into the zone. Easily capturing meeting notes directly from my inbox saves me a mountain of time. I’m able to really decompress and go over exactly what I’d like to emphasize or hint at during the client call because that complete stream of information is centralized in one place.” 

Get these sales lessons for Business Development working for you

Interested in learning more? We’d love to show you how the pre-meeting digest has saved our clients’ employees—on average—7+ hours per week, and how we help sales teams up cross-selling and upselling games. Upgrade your tech stack to get Ben’s sales lessons for business development working for you.

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