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Twitter: Why it’s a sales professionals secret weapon

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Twitter is the fastest growing social network to date.

With more than 500 million active users tweeting 400 million tweets and entering 1.6 billion search terms every day, it’s the perfect secret weapon for sales professionals.

Not only is Twitter a great place to find and monitor your competition and their interaction with prospective clients but it’s also the ideal place to discover prospects, build relationships and gain deep insights into your prospects’ needs and wants. This data is invaluable to your sales strategy.

Through Twitter, you can be part of the most relevant conversations in real-time, identify opportunities before your competition does, build relationships, and deepen customer trust.

Here’s how to use Twitter to strengthen your sales strategy:

Discover new leads

With more than 500 million users, it takes work to identify which users are relevant prospects that you can use. But it’s worth it.

Start by identifying keywords that buyers would type into search engines to find you, your product, or information related to your industry. By entering these keywords into Twitter’s search feature, you’re instantly presented with real-time results of users who are searching these terms with the most recent updates first.

Next, review these results and evaluate whether you can help with a pain, answer a question or assist them in solving a problem. Instantly, you’ve connected with potential customers who’ve already identified their need for you. Continue to use this approach to build a list of prospects that you monitor, build a relationship with and expose your product or service to.

Understand your customers’ needs and wants

Building on the process above, you’re now presented with unlimited opportunities to connect with prospects in their chosen environment. But what does your opportunity really look like?

Twitter is a great weapon of choice because it allows you to get a personal perspective of your prospects. What do they do? What are their interests? What’s their personality? Without having to make a cold call and gather this information, using Twitter you can respond to users’ self-identified needs and wants. You’re in a position of power because you’re armed with insightful information that will allow your connection to be authentic and useful.

For example, if you see that a user is considering developing a new website you might send them a link to a free report or recommend a local service. If they have a question about their website, perhaps you could provide an answer.

The beauty is, each time you reply to a user, your replies remain visible on your profile page and will appear in the results of other users’ searches. This recycling of information will help you build credibility and demonstrate your expertise within your industry.

Have conversations

Social media is for conversing not pitching. I mean, at some point you will likely pitch them your product, but the power of Twitter is the opportunity to connect with prospects by engaging in meaningful conversation.

Think of a tweet as an invitation for help, and never a request for a sales pitch. Use what you know to help people with a problem. Retweet your prospect’s tweets to your followers because if you can’t help them, someone in your network probably can. The point is to satisfy their need and start building a trusting relationship.

Build relationships

People buy from people they like and trust. Interacting with people on Twitter is a great way to employ a customer-centric approach to sales that’s built on solid relationships and is mutually beneficial.

Engaging with prospects on Twitter can mean asking questions, sharing their content, commenting on their posts, and offering valuable information that helps them achieve their goals.

In order to build and nurture relationships with social media, your focus should be to offer value, not to sell. For example, give free gifts, share content, connect prospects with other experts, answer questions, and become a resource for them in future.

If you’re still not buying the power of Twitter as it relates to improving your sales strategy, consider the following statistic. According to a study conducted by Jim Keenan, social sales specialist for A Sales Guy, 78.6% of salespeople who use social media to sell, outperform their colleagues who don’t. According to Keenan, “no matter how you slice the data in the report, social media users come out on top.”

With numbers like that, it’s crucial for sales professionals to use social media as a tool in their sales toolbox and adopt Twitter to help build their sales pipeline. Research demonstrates that social media positively affects quota, improves revenue, and introduces new opportunities.

I think it’s worth investing in – get started by following IntroHive on Twitter today!

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