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The Value of Relationship Intelligence Automation With Brent Leary

Introhive | Brent Leary 300x280 1 | The Value of Relationship Intelligence Automation With Brent LearyIn today’s marketplace, business development teams need to be on top of their relationships now more than ever. With over 84% of buyers beginning their buying process through a referral, client relationships are now the driver of new business. The pressure is on for business development and sales teams to develop and maintain strong client relationships.

As relationship intelligence automation expert Brent Leary shares, this traditionally takes salespeople an enormous amount of time. So how can firms help their business development and sales teams create strong relationships without sacrificing so much valuable time?

According to our trusted expert, Brent, the secret is in relationship intelligence automation.

Insights Make It or Break It

“Having the right kind of insight at the right time can make or break the opportunity to connect with somebody,” Brent says.

But to receive those insights in a timely fashion takes a lot of manual work. Traditionally, sales and biz dev reps have to enter client information into a CRM system, manually make sure it is up-to-date, and then spend a lot of time looking at that data from multiple perspectives to find just one insight. And even if an insight was found, it wasn’t necessarily the most helpful or useful in closing the deal. These manual processes eat up a whole lot of time for sales and business development teams.

Why is this important?

According to Brent, “The work that traditionally needed to be done to find an insight is the reason that those insights were never uncovered.” The level of manual work is the reason why sales reps today lack valuable insights. Luckily, relationship intelligence automation offers a solution.

RIA Eliminates Mundane Tasks

“Relationship intelligence automation takes all of the mundane work away from the salesperson, freeing them up for relationship building, but also giving that insight without a lot of manual stuff that they don’t want to do to begin with,” Brent explains.

Considering that strong client relationships are now a leading way to acquire new clients, relationship intelligence automation could be a huge boost for your lead generation. It allows sales reps to do what they want while providing them with the information they need to optimize their opportunities.

“This allows reps to connect with customers, close deals more efficiently, and spend more time doing what they do best:  selling,” Brent emphasizes.

While relationship intelligence increases the effectiveness of sales reps, the benefits don’t end with your sales and business development teams.

With Relationship Intelligence, Everyone Wins

Brent sums it up best: “The value of relationship intelligence automation becomes a “Win-win-win” scenario: salespeople win because they don’t have to perform manual data entry, customers win because they can get helpful information when they need it, and management wins because they can see a better, actionable picture of what is needed to close a deal at each stage of the sales funnel.”

Through relationship intelligence, everyone wins. Salespeople don’t have to do the tasks they hate. Salespeople receive the insights they need to make a customer’s day. And management gets more data they can analyze to better understand their sales performance at every stage of the sales funnel.

The bottom line is that relationship intelligence serves more relevant and contextual insights to sales teams at lightning speeds, benefiting valued clients as well as the whole organization.

Help Your Business Development Team Create More Wins

Uncover more relationship intelligence secrets by finding out how to master the art of relationship intelligence. Curious about how to optimize your CRM with relationship intelligence automation? Request a demo today to see how it works.

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