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What Big Data, Social Media and Content Have To Do With Social Selling

While on paper it would appear that I’m an early adopter; my iPhone 4 would suggest otherwise. That said, when it comes to looking at future trends and what will shape industries and business as a whole, I tend to keep my ear to the ground on the hunt for the next big thing.

My obsession with trends and insights, as it relates to the future business, is something I haven’t been able to shake since University. A few years ago, I became obsessed with the impact that social media could have on the world and now I’m looking at trends like big data, content marketing and social selling as the next frontier.

The Relationship Between Social Selling & The Big Three

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What’s most interesting about social selling is the fact that it’s the combination of social media, big data and content marketing that make it work. They each play a role in our ability to be more effective with our social selling strategies and must work together to drive results.

Big Data & Social Selling

We’ve all seen the statistics about how many millions of tweets are shared every day and the average number of connections a professional has on LinkedIn. The volumes are so massive that it can be difficult for organizations to make real insightful decisions.

Despite the promise, big data has caused a lot of headaches for organizations around the globe. A company might have a hard time understanding what a large volume of data means to their business, but when that data is used to drive insights, social selling can offer a far more complete picture.

Social Media & Social Selling

It’s no coincidence that they share the same first name. Social media is the original foundation in which social selling was developed. It’s through social media that you’re able to gather more information around potential prospects and leads. It’s through social media that you’re able to nurture relationships with people before you need them. It’s social media that acts as the glue that keeps the idea of social selling together.

Content Marketing & Social Selling

According to a recent study, from the content marketing institute, 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing to achieve success. Content marketing for social selling is much more complex than the more popular content marketing tactics used by consumer brands. In social selling, the content marketing tool kit must consist of sales tools. Case studies, testimonials, slide decks and infographics are just some of the many assets that help achieve social selling success.

Arming your sales team with compelling content gives them the ability to share relevant information on social media. Further it gives them the ammo they need to follow up with potential prospects and share relevant insights with them to kick-start a conversation.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make social selling work for you, the integration of these three things is key. The integration of content marketing, social media and big data will drive results no matter what type of product you’re selling.

So what are you waiting for?

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