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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Written with contributions from Mike Mullen and Peter McGaw.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular buzzword, but you might be surprised to learn what it actually means. When many people think of AI, what first comes to mind are images of human-like computers responding to their everyday needs, like some kind of robotic butler. For others, AI conjures up it’s dramatic ideas of a monolithic entity replacing humans entirely and taking control of the world (hello, The Matrix). And, unfortunately, a growing number of people don’t associate AI with much of anything. To them, it’s just a trendy, overused term that doesn’t really mean anything specific.

We’re here to open your mind about what AI is, and what it can be used for. (Hint: it doesn’t involve any black leather trench coats, world-dominating sentient computers or apocalyptic battles.) Our definition of artificial intelligence may even surprise you.

AI in the Real World

Artificial Intelligence may not be what you think. Many people think of AI as a mysterious black box system that learns autonomously from any data source made available. They are both right and wrong; the reality is both simpler and much more complex. It’s true that AI involves machines that use algorithms, like neural networks, to learn from available data—in fact, this is the very definition of machine learning. But the broader concept of AI isn’t so easy to pin down.

Introhive | What is Artificial Intelligence AI | What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

At its simplest, artificial intelligence is actually an umbrella term, encompassing anything a computer can do that emulates human cognition. Where the answer starts to get much more complex is understanding that data doesn’t just sit around waiting for a computer to learn from it—but more on that later.

Sometimes the best way to explain the meaning of something is to provide examples. At Introhive, we use AI in two major ways:

  1. To automate the mundane
  2. To forecast the future

AI Automation to Make Your Life Easier

You’ve surely heard the adage “garbage in, garbage out” when it comes to data, and AI is no different. The core AI products that Introhive offer involve automating the ingestion, cleaning and transformation of data so that our clients have access to up-to-date, high-quality data for building reports, discovering insights, and furthering business intelligence. 

Introhive designs products to augment human skills and knowledge that machines cannot emulate. At Introhive, all our products incorporate some aspect of AI. Our core products develop reliable data frameworks, allowing us to build more complex offerings that augment human experience and intuition. 

Introhive products not only automate data entry, but also the processing of your company’s valuable data related to relationships, business development and revenue growth opportunities, and provide key insights and intelligence. 

During the development stage, our data science teams work hand-in-hand with our product team to ensure that the models they build are not just rigorously tested statistically, but also meet the complex business needs of our clients in various industries. With this client-first mindset, the teams continually experiment, test, adjust, and review results—until they optimize the models to represent reality.  

Predicting the Future with AI

As an AI tool, predictive analytics are more challenging, since outcomes occur in the future. During development, our data scientists employ various statistical and mathematical concepts to recognize patterns in data and then test to determine how well unseen data fits with these patterns. 

However, if the past year has taught us anything, it’s that reality can shift in an instant, and patterns that made sense before may no longer fit our new reality. To adapt to changes in the data landscape—whether routine or not—our models are continuously monitored and updated anytime we detect a shift in how well our algorithm is matching the underlying data. 

Regardless of the methodology used, we thoroughly test all of our products, incorporating data from industries relevant to our clients’ industries. Our AI ensures you receive high-quality insights that help your organization achieve peak performance by boosting revenue, retention, and relationships.

Learn more about how AI can help your organization reach its goals through AI-based sales coaching. Get in touch today to book your personal demo.

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