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Why Social Selling Should Be On Your Radar In 2014

What’s your plan for driving new business in 2014? Setting up a Twitter account, LinkedIn account or maybe your own blog?

While each of these are great places to start, the very first thing I suggest you consider is looking at how you can develop an effective social selling strategy. Why? Because 78% of sales people who use social selling outsell those who don’t, this means more revenue, more money, and more success. Let’s be blunt…

The Old Way Of Doing Business Is Broken

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As studies continue to prove that the old way of doing business is no longer working, it’s more important than ever for brands to adapt to the new environment. Recent studies show us that 84% of decision makers in B2B are starting their buying process with referrals. Demonstrating the importance of building meaningful relationships with clients, colleagues, and acquaintances before you need them.

Social selling has the ability to make a sales professional go from average to great. When it comes to referrals, social selling is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to have the right information to make the right referrals. It’s through social selling software like ours that give teams the chance to make the most effective referrals.

Technologies will continue to advance as we move into the New Year, furthering our ability to sell using social.. We often limit our social selling expectations to social media channels when in reality it’s the full suite of tools that give us the ability to better understand the landscape of our organizations and how we can best navigate them.

Further demonstrating the need to adjust our approach, email open rates of 4.4%, and cold calling rates of 1-3% are quite alarming. It’s clear that times have changed. It’s clear that marketers and sales professionals must adapt their approach and it’s clear that if you don’t adapt to this landscape that you’ll be left behind.

The rapid adoption of social media channels has changed the way B2B sales are done. We can now prospect our clients more effectively than ever. We can better understand their role at an organization, their experience and even their strengths. It’s a shift that cannot be ignored and must be embraced.

As you move into the New Year, it’s important to think about how social selling plays a role in driving success for your business. You should consider what social selling tactics and strategies could help you achieve your goals for this year.

Stop selling like it’s 1990. It’s time to make social selling real.

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