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Will Artificial Intelligence replace my job? (Spoiler: no, it will make it better)

With contributions from Peter McGraw and Mike Mullen

Here at the Hive, we know a lot of people wonder, “Will robots take my job?”  And although we work with artificial intelligence (AI) instead of robots, we get it. We totally understand why some people might feel suspicious of machines telling them how to do their jobs. It’s completely natural to be skeptical of a technology claiming to know more than you. But rest assured, there are some things that machines simply cannot—and will not—replace. The best use of AI in the workplace is within tools that augment expertise and skill set, while still respecting the uniquely human aspects of professional roles. 

No wonder we’re so stressed out, we try to do too much

Will AI replace my job? Nope.The term “effective multitasking” is an oxymoron; there’s only so much one person can do and still do it all well. Yet it’s all too easy to delude ourselves into thinking we can. Every day, we’re flooded with mental pressures such as new information, ad hoc requests from clients or colleagues, and changes in the workplace (like, say, a global pandemic.) We’re expected to wear many different hats while juggling this new work along with our important daily tasks. The cognitive load the average person is asked to take on is simply too much for our brains to process. It’s no surprise that burnout has become a major public health risk.

Beware of office bears

The human stress hormone, called cortisol, responds very differently to acute stress versus chronic stress. In the short term, it helps you quickly find a way to get out of the stressful situation—which is a positive. You want a nice shot of cortisol when you stumble across a grizzly bear skulking in the forest. 

In the long term, however, stress hormones shift your body into survival mode, diverting resources away from high-level cognitive processes, such as your ability to think critically and respond effectively to changing demands. This is what the modern workplace is like; like there’s a bear lurking in every cubicle. This is where AI-assisted tools like Introhive’s can provide support.

Introhive’s AI tools slice through stress

Over years of activity, a business can create millions of data points. This includes cross-departmental information that, even if it could be accessible, could not possibly be processed properly by a human being. The volume of data is simply too much for any person—or even a team of people—to process without the aid of software solutions. Enter artificial intelligence.

At Introhive we automatically ingest and update all those millions of data points. Then we capitalize on algorithms, using the human brain as a model, to make sense of it all and provide you with recommendations that augment and help your decision-making

Will artificial intelligence replace your job? Nope. It’s still up to you to make the decisions, AI is simply there to assist.

Use AI to cut through the clatter

Rather than downplay our clients’ years of experience and knowledge, Introhive’s goal is to offer support to their skills. We eliminate manual operations, unwanted noise, and things that distract you from the tasks at which you are uniquely talented. 

Introhive products amplify your strengths and experience so you can focus on high value business activities. In particular, this includes developing human interactions and building relationships—things that machines cannot replace. And, if you have several balls in the air, Introhive’s system will direct you towards the best option to pursue, stress free. Now that’s a win.

So the next time you find yourself wondering, “Will artificial intelligence replace my job?” remember that you have essential skills that are irreplaceable. But also don’t forget that AI can provide a huge boost to help you apply your unique expertise to do your job even better.

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