Introhive’s AI powered data automation and relationship intelligence solution gives precious time back to sales people, business developers, and customer success teams in the telecommunications industry, so they can spend more time delighting their customers while discovering new ways to increase revenue.

Sync Data to CRM

Increase employee productivity with data automation technology

Relationship Mapping Syncing Data Into CRM Icon

Increase sales and revenue with relationship mapping and who knows who insights

Pre Meeting Intelligence Report Introhive

Save time by streamline meeting preparation with automated pre-meeting email reports

Relationship Intelligence and data enrichment

Keep your data clean, accurate and up-to-date with automatic data enrichment

Winning Advantages for Every Team

Management / CXO
Enhance visibility into the essential relationships that increase sales and drive revenue

Sales Teams
Equip inside and field sales teams with the data they need to sell more, faster

Increase data quality to reach the right audience with smart, relationship-centric marketing lists for targeted campaigns

Operations & IT
Break down data silos and drive greater data quality with intelligent automation

business team in telecommunications

Unlock the power of relationships
for your sales and marketing teams

Telecommunications companies today require new and innovate ways to create differentiation in the market. Introhive uses AI powered data automation to increase employee productivity, accelerate sales and revenue growth, while driving down operational costs of having poor data quality.

Mundane data entry and information cleansing is managed automatically in CRM and business development, marketing, and customer success teams are empowered with relationship intelligence to drive more new business, cross-selling or up selling into accounts.

Introhive relationship intelligence and CRM automation platform

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But, as I recently shared with Accounting Today, three common challenges stand between many firms and their CRM success stories.

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18 Jun: Case Study: How to Streamline Data Quality Management in CRM, Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Data Entry


The success of Atlanta-based firm Frazier & Deeter is a case study in the art of the possible when it comes to the power of using artificial intelligence and data automation to streamline data quality management and revenue-generating activities. Read on to learn more.

Frazier & Deeter Seek to Automate Marketing Data Administration

When Frazier & Deeter first turned to Introhive’s relationship intelligence and data automation platform, they were looking for help easing manual marketing processes. Thanks to the platform, the firm not only succeeded in that endeavor but also revealed growth-driving relationship insights.

In fact, the Introhive…