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Helping Businesses Understand Their Relationship Capital

Introhive | Introhive EMEA Interview With Digital Innovation Magazine 300x180 1 | Helping Businesses Understand Their Relationship CapitalThe B2B sales cycle today is complex, demanding more from the sales teams that are responsible for them. In fact, the average B2B sales team needs to engage 6.8 stakeholders and nurture them for an average of 84 days. And depending on your industry, those averages are higher.

With growing pressure on firms to perform and improve their sales process, market-leaders are turning to new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to gain enhanced insights that enable more informed decision making.

But what are those new technologies and how can they help?

We recently spoke with Digital Innovation Magazine for their September 2018 issue to share how our own technology, the Introhive Relationship Intelligence platform, can help drive business outcomes. In it, we discuss how Introhive increases insight into your firm’s relationship capital, empowering business development and accelerating the sales cycle.

Introhive | digital innovation magazine introhive 211x300 1 | Helping Businesses Understand Their Relationship CapitalTo accomplish this, Introhive uses Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automation, relationship intelligence automation, and relationship mapping tools to enrich a firm’s full understanding of their business relationships and ensure the accuracy of their relationship insights. This allows sales teams to more effectively measure, nurture, and manage their firm’s relationship capital. Our platform also leverages automatic data collection from meetings, emails, calls, and social media so sales teams can keep a pulse on how well they are servicing key accounts, identify early retention warning signs, and develop stronger relationships without needing to log into CRM.

For a complete look at how Introhive can help improve your sales process, read our full interview with Digital Innovation Magazine.

Introhive | sharpen your law firms competitive edge feature image | Sharpen Your Law Firm's Competitive Edge

Sharpen Your Law Firm’s Competitive Edge