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How Introhive Protects your Private Data

Introhive | url 17 | How Introhive Protects your Private Data

Introhive helps companies sell more by unlocking the potential introductions that lives in their employee’s email, mobile, and social contacts. Analyzing and displaying this data in one place often raises questions about privacy. Some of the numbers in your mobile phone may be business contacts and colleagues, but you probably also have the number to your mom and your neighbor in there — people who aren’t involved at all with the business your organization performs.

That’s why we’ve designed our product functionality from a privacy first perspective. We knew the product had to work without users giving up any control or ownership of the contact information they store in their email and on their mobile devices.

With Introhive, you stay in control of your contacts in three critical ways:

  1. All Introhive users can see the contacts they’ve sync’d with Introhive, and they can to choose to hide any individual contact from Introhive completely.
  2. At no time can any Introhive user or administrator search another users connections.
  3. Introhive users must explicitly accept a request to introduce any contact they own every time a request is made. When someone searches Introhive for a new introduction, they can see how many people have a connection, but they never see who is connected to who until after the contact owner agrees to make an introduction.

Privacy matters to us and we think it matters to you. We created the video below to explain how user privacy is protected when colleagues are searching for new introductions.

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