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Introducing Introhive For Salesforce

Salesforce rocks. We run the customer facing side of our business on it and we’re not alone. There are over 100,000 other companies who are just like us: Salesforce customers. This is why we’re excited to announce today our release of Introhive for Salesforce.

Introhive for Salesforce brings our powerful relationship platform to the AppExchange. Enterprise customers can now access the valuable sales intelligence of the Introhive platform directly where they need it: Salesforce. This helps customers:

  • Close Deals Faster with Relationship Insights

    Discover who in your organization is best connected and can introduce you to your target companies, leads or contacts with relationship intelligence, all while more easily tracking the relationship strength and trends at key accounts.

  • Increase Adoption of Salesforce

    Introhive’s CRM data automation frees up over 5.5 hours of data entry per week for end users in Salesforce. See how passive data collection from email to CRM drive more adoption at your company.

  • Keep Data Quality High, Automatically

    Keep all your lead, contact, account and opportunity data accuracy high with advanced, AI powered data enrichment for Salesforce.

Deploying and using the Introhive app in Salesforce is easy. Customers can see who’s connected to prospects and customers and request introductions directly in accounts, contacts and leads . Adding relationship strength scores to reports and dashboards is easy with Introhive customer fields. There’s even integration with Chatter. Introhive for Salesforce is available immediately in AppExchange.


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