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Jason Bass has been appointed as the new Introhive Chief Operating Officer

Introhive Announces Jason Bass as Chief Operating Officer

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick, December 4, 2023 – Jason Bass has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer, highlighting Introhive’s focus on revenue generation and operational efficiency.

Introhive, the leading provider of Client Intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Bass as the new Chief Operating Officer. Jason joins the executive team as the company accelerates its growth globally and has a strong commitment to scaling Introhive’s go-to-market divisions. Jason will be responsible for ensuring the success of Introhive’s growing client base and will lead all activities related to sales, marketing, client success, and operations.

“Jason’s impressive background and extensive experience in sales and operations positions him well for this role,” said Lee Blackmore, CEO of Introhive. “The execution of our strategy across sales, customer success, and product is core to our success. We are confident that under Jason’s leadership, we will have the management system and high-velocity operating model in place to drive execution and revenue growth.” 

Jason has over 25 years of operations leadership experience in the technology industry, with expertise in sales and client success. Before joining Introhive, he served as the VP of Global Business Operations at Anthology + Blackboard. Prior to this, Jason spent 11 years with BMC software and six years with Remedy Software before the company was acquired by BMC.

“It’s very exciting to join a company with such a strong product offering and such a dedicated team focused on delivering value to our growing customer base,” said Jason Bass. “ I feel fortunate to be part of the bright future that Introhive has ahead.”

For over a decade, Introhive has revolutionized the way organizations identify valuable relationships and has provided executive, business development, and marketing teams with a firm-wide view of all client relationships. This ultimately helps them unlock the full potential of their collective network and maximize profitability. For more information, visit

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Introhive is a leading Client Intelligence Platform that empowers B2B enterprises with a foundation of trusted data, relationship insights, and actionable intelligence. Our solution enables businesses to identify selling opportunities, win new clients, and grow existing accounts. Trusted by world-renowned brands, Introhive supports over 250,000 users in 90+ countries. With offices in the US, Canada, and the UK, we’re committed to helping businesses optimize their revenue opportunities. Learn more at

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