2013 on the Introhive Blog: Top Posts

Suppose it’s only natural to get a bit reflective this time of year. It’s been a big one for Introhive — growing from a handful of employees and customers to a full featured social selling platform with almost 40 employees behind it and an expanding list of new customers coming on board every week.

It’s also been a big year for the Introhive blog. In fact, it’s been the only year for the Introhive blog, and looking at our stats, we realized a lot of you who may be reading the blog today weren’t necessarily reading when some of our best posts were made. With that in mind, we compiled a list of our best performing posts from 2013. You’ll be sure to find some useful nuggets in here as you plan your 2014 social selling resolutions.

  1. What Breaking Bad Can Teach You About Business Success
  2. Infographic; Why Relationships Matter in Modern Selling
  3. Want to Sell More? Stop Doing These 5 Things
  4. Infographic: How the Best Sales Professionals Use CRM and Technology to Win
  5. Cold Calling in the Age of Social Media
  6. Anatomy of a Start-Up Sales Deal (As Told Through Animated Gifs)
  7. Why Storytelling Makes a Huge Difference in Sales
  8. How to Make a Great First Impression Before Saying a Word
  9. 5 Movie Clips That Will Inspire Your Sales Team
  10. 6 Salesforce Reports That Marketers Will Love

What about your personal or corporate blog? We’re always looking for a good read, and we’d love it if you tweeted your favorite or top performing post from 2013 to @introhive.