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6 Law Firm Marketing Tactics You Need to Fuel Growth in 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, it’s time to take stock of your law firm’s performance and assess your needs going forward into the new year. Are you going to meet your firm’s business development goals? Or is it going to be battle for market share? In today’s digital landscape, it can feel like more of a toss-up than ever.

So how can you set your law firm up for business development success in 2018?

We have you covered with six law firm marketing tactics that will take your firm to new heights. Check them out below.

1. Content Marketing

With over 91% of B2B organizations employing content marketing to generate leads, engage prospects, and convert clients, law firms have been slow to adopt this proven marketing tactic. Content marketing is a leading method for sharing thought leadership, flexing your legal credibility, humanizing your firm, and more. And you can employ it in a variety of ways from email marketing, social media, blogging, and more.

Get your law firm started in content marketing by creating a detailed and documented content marketing plan. While this plan should illustrate where, how, why, and what you will create to attract and engage prospective clients, it should also be crystal clear in defining who you want to engage. Once your content marketing plan is drafted, make sure to get buy-in from the whole law firm as you will need the help of lawyers, partners, paralegals, and more to help you create consistent and compelling content.

2. Social Selling

Where does your client spend a majority of their time online? According to the Global Web Index, social media accounts for 30% of all time spent online. This makes social platforms a breeding ground for potential clients. And as a law firm looking to grow your client base in 2018, it’s imperative that you begin your social selling efforts.

Start by identifying your target clients and which social networks they’re most likely to be on. Then, encourage your salespeople to use their own social media to answer prospect questions and share thoughtful content, nurturing leads until they are ready to hire your firm. In addition, sales reps can reach out to prospects directly with personalized connection requests or messages on LinkedIn.

Sharpen Your Law Firm's Competitive Edge

3. Sophisticated Email Campaigns

After your firm’s many years of business, you likely have a large population of email addresses at your fingertips. With an ROI of $44 per dollar spent, email marketing is a reliable way to generate business. Perfect for any stage of the sales funnel, emails can be personalized, scheduled, and tracked. But not every law firm does email marketing well. Your campaigns need to be well thought out and sophisticated to drive the best results.

Before you send a single email to your entire list, make sure you segment your email for unique campaigns. For example, a prospect and an existing client should receive different email messages. An existing client should receive an email aimed at retaining their business and deepening the relationship, whereas a prospect should receive an email designed to convert them. To make this process as easy as possible, consider upgrading your CRM with data automation and email service integrations.

4. Mobile-First

According to BrightEdge, 57% of all online traffic now happens on mobile devices. It’s probably also safe to say that half of your clients’ time on the internet is spent on their mobile device. And this number is expected to only go up. This means having a website built for mobile — not just a mobile-friendly site — is critical going into 2018 and subsequent years. If a prospective client has a less than stellar mobile experience on your firm’s website, they’ll drop off well before converting.

Move your law firm into a mobile-first mindset by prioritizing mobile over desktop for your website, content, ads, and more. Pay attention to your mobile experience and make sure that users can’t get lost on your mobile site. This may mean removing certain webpages from your mobile site altogether in favor of creating an easy to navigate website.

5. Analytics-Driven Marketing

Lawyers are well acquainted with providing evidence to support their claims and analytics-driven marketing isn’t much different. Law firms will need to pay close attention to their client data in 2018 to successfully retain at-risk clients and convert new prospects. This includes benchmarking and tracking  client behavior, transactions, and social interactions on a regular basis to ensure your marketing efforts are reaching their intended audience.

One of the best and easiest ways to track your firm’s relationships is to use relationship intelligence automation software. Working within your CRM, relationship intelligence will map your entire firm’s client relationships together so your business development team can easily identify new cross-selling opportunities, mutual connections, and more. Once identified, you can deliver tailored marketing campaigns to help quickly close deals.

6. Automated CRM Solutions

According to LinkedIn’s State of Sales 2016 report, 33% of all CRM users spend 3–5 hours each week using CRM tools and 24% of all CRM users spend more than 10 hours a week managing their CRM. When executing, documenting, and tracking the above marketing methods, that time will only go up.

Save valuable company time by automating your CRM data, freeing up your business development team so they can spend more time on identifying and executing on new opportunities, not manually entering in data. This also automatically provides the team with data based on client behavior, social interactions, transactions and more, giving them the actionable insights they need to close more deals.

Gear up Your Law Firm for 2018

We have the law firm marketing tips and tactics to future-proof your business. Sharpen your competitive edge by downloading our law firm business development playbook.

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