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A Look at the Core Beliefs of Incredible Sales People

When you come across an individual who possesses great talent and skill, you immediately want get inside of their head. This is why there are millions of biographies, interviews and blog posts created solely to give us a glimpse inside the minds of great leaders and professionals.

Every industry has a group of people we look at and aspire to emulate. In sales, these individuals are those who have achieved success with both old school methodologies and new improvements. Whether we’re talking about the frontline at a software startup or the team of professionals knocking on doors; the beliefs these individuals are consistent.

Overtime I’ve met and been pitched by hundreds of great sales professionals from all over the world. Here are some of the traits that I believe differentiate the best from everyone else:

Relationships Rule Everything

As cliche as it sounds, people buy from people. Whether someone is buying an item based on a friend’s recommendation or based on a introduction from an old colleague; relationships can make a world of difference in sales. The greatest sales people spend time building and nurturing strong relationships with others. Instead of simply networking for the sake of going home with the most business cards; the greats seek out people whom they can build meaningful relationships with and enhance their lives or careers.

Wear Passion on Your Chest

A great sales person understands the importance of showing they care not only about their product or service but also about their clients needs. The greats are passionate about what they do and are willing to put in the hours to help their clients achieve success. There is a sense of pride among the best as it relates to seeing their clients succeed after they’ve closed a deal. Furthermore, they recognize that their passion is contagious and will increase the odds of a client sharing positive stories with their colleagues and friends.

It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Incredible sales people recognize the importance of building a relationship over time instead of trying to close a deal on first contact. While they will definitely take advantage of opportunities to close deals early; they never shut the door on a relationship with a warm lead. These individuals follow up two weeks later with an eBook the client might be interested in and 4 months later just to wish them a Happy Birthday.

Focus, Focus, And Focus

The most incredible sales people are focused on solving a problem for their clients. They avoid getting caught up in the office politics and playing the numbers game and instead focus on generating meaningful results through their already established process. One of the greatest sales coaches, Zig Ziglar once said: “I don’t care how much power, brilliance or energy you have, if you don’t harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there you’re never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants.”

Technology is a Competitive Advantage

Great sales people believe that technology has the ability to make their job easier. For starters, they recognize the opportunity to use these channels to be more productive, organized and efficient throughout their day. In the early days of sales, a fax machine would be considered a competitive advantage. Today, software is playing a large role in providing businesses and sales professionals with a chance to outshine and outsell their competitors and the best are taking advantage.

As you start to embrace this kind of thinking you’ll realize that best practice will often times leave you being average. Instead of being average, strive to constantly push yourself to do more and embrace these core beliefs. Identifying the importance of embracing these beliefs and making them a part of your own approach will only increase your chances to find success.

What other beliefs do you find in the great sales people whom you have met?

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Great post. The passion aspect is so much better when it’s authentic and you love your product – and also 10x more fun to sell!

Side note – how come you didn’t use Draper’s mug? 😉

Great article. The piece reminded me how back in the early 90’s I purchased a cell phone at my own expense to allow me to return customer phone calls instead of being handed pink message slips upon my return to the office. The owner of the company I worked for didn’t even have a cellphone. Today my team and I use ipad’s to share product images and office designs with clients. In addition, we have access to all our files via our smartphones 24/7, which allows us to immediately answer client questions. Technology will continue to change how, when and where we work.

Hi Zach, Thanks for reading and commenting. Agree 100% on how important authentically loving the product is.

We decided to use “Introhive Team” as the blog author when more than one of us equally collaborated on getting an article together, or when a blog post was primarily authored by one of the great consultants or researchers we work with who also have other clients.

Thanks again for reading.

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