Best practices for email introductions

Getting the most out of Introhive is all about forming new relationships by unlocking the connections that already exist within your trusted circle of contacts and friends, but sometimes the medium in which an introduction occurs can get in the way. We’ve all found ourselves staring down as the little notification number climbs higher on our mobile devices while thinking “Please stop, so I can actually get something done.”

It was while thinking about this problem that I found an article by Chris Fralic, a partner at First Round Capital, called The art of the email introduction: 10 rules for emailing busy people.

Chris makes some great points including

  • ask for permission before making the introduction
  • make it personal
  • and close the loop

Perhaps most interesting to me was what Chris calls the SCFE, or the self-contained forwardable email. Chris suggests that a great way to make a new email introduction is to craft an email specifically for the purpose of having someone forward it along to your new introduction, and this is great idea. It makes it easy for the person in the middle to just forward it along from a mobile device while they’re on the go, but I think perhaps even more importantly it puts that first contact into your words and communicates exactly what you want to say to start this new business relationship.

Give the article a read. Then we’d love it if you let us know what you’ve found works or doesn’t work for making a successful email introduction.