09 Jan: Andy Dufresne’s Guide to Business Development for Accountants

It isn’t often that you can receive valuable business advice from Hollywood, let alone from an alleged murderer. But Andy Dufresne from “The Shawshank Redemption” can offer plenty of business development tips for any accountant or financial services firm.

If you aren’t familiar with the film, “The Shawshank Redemption” follows Andy Dufresne, a successful banker who is found guilty for murdering his wife and her lover, despite his insistent claims of innocence. As a result, he is sentenced to life in prison at Shawshank State Penitentiary and is forced to adapt to life behind bars.


21 Dec: 4 Ways You Can Future-Proof Your Accounting Firm

Finance is approaching a transformation. A quick google search on Bitcoin or blockchain should prove that fact. But while Bitcoin and blockchain are making waves at banks, clearing houses, and other massive financial institutions at large, nothing has really changed… yet.

Lurking around the corner is a shift that will change how we send and receive transactions, or at least that’s what we’re led to think will be happening down the road. And while that may be true, there are other technological advances brewing, including increased accessibility to finances, increased portability, and growing data protections.

To ensure that your accounting…


26 Oct: The State of CRM at Accounting Firms Report Highlights Low CRM Adoption

It’s no secret that the key to ensuring ongoing loyalty and driving new business is strategically managing client relationships. Knowing this, it would seem almost second-nature for accounting firms to prioritize tools and methods that help them track and leverage their key relationships. Yet a market-wide study of over 800 accounting firms in the U.S. conducted by The Ackert Advisory found much room for improvement.

Accounting Firms Are Underutilizing CRM

Sixty-two percent of accounting firms use a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which means a full 38% do not. Of those using CRM, less than 5% use it regularly (every…


03 Oct: 10 Must-Attend Professional Services Marketing, Business Development and Tech Conferences

Conferences offer a terrific opportunity to get up to speed on industry changes, trends and innovations while networking and exchanging ideas and advice with peers. Plan to attend the most relevant of these nine conferences covering marketing, business development, and technology so you can help your firm confidently prepare for the future.

MarTech Boston
Oct 2-4
Boston, MA

Part of an international conference series, this three-day event is for senior-level, hybrid professionals who are both marketing- and tech-savvy. Attend to understand all the marketing technologies available and how your firm can effectively integrate them into its marketing strategy…


10 Aug: 7 Ways Accounting Firms Can Thrive in a Changing Landscape

Like every other accounting firm, yours is likely under growing pressure to transform the way it interacts with clients. From the use of client-facing and internal technology to positioning your firm through differentiation, the way we do business is changing. It doesn’t help that the market feels saturated, considering the nearly 1.25 million accountants and auditors in the United States. That makes it difficult to stand out. Yet that is exactly what your firm must do to survive and thrive. Here are opportunities to do just that.

1. Develop Deeper Relationships

At any given moment, about a third of accounting…


02 Aug: Build Your Accounting Firm with 7 Ideas from Leading Accounting Firm Business Development Experts

Whether you work for a massive firm or a one-person practice, your revenue potential is limited only by the new business you can bring in or your bandwidth to handle the work. For those looking to thrive and grow, the key is to continually drive new business your way. Put these seven tips from the experts into practice and that will soon be the case.

1. Nurture Client Relationships

According to best-selling author Ramon Ray, one of the biggest mistakes accounting firms make is failing to wow the client once the initial engagement is complete. According to Ramon, “Firms should not…


28 Jul: 13 Statistics Show Big Changes for the Future of Accounting Firms

If there’s one thing accounting firms can agree on, it’s that numbers don’t lie. Which is why it pays to note these statistics – and their implications.

1. 55% of C-level executives and professionals in finance and accountancy expect the development of intelligent automated accounting systems to have the greatest impact over the next 3 to 10 years, according to a report by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

2. The State of Accounts report shows that 37 percent of small and medium-sized business owners think accountancy is becoming more automated and that they can complete a range of tasks themselves. The…


21 Jul: The Big List of Business Development Resources for Accounting Firms

If your accounting firm is like others, it is investing more in marketing and business development to ensure a competitive edge. With so much riding on your efforts, it’s essential to stay at the top of your game. To help you get started, we’ve pulled together the following list of valuable resources.

On the Go Resources
AAM’s AAMplify! [podcast]
Tune into this podcast delivered by The Association for Accounting Marketing to hear discussions on timely topics such as Managing Your Firm’s Pipeline Process, Marketing’s Role in the Client Experience, and The Vital Skills of Growth Leadership.

Accounting Today…


10 Jul: Top Takeaways from AICPA Engage 2017 [Infographic]

Accounting firm professionals from all around the country came together this year for the AICPA Engage event in Las Vegas. Topics ranging from business development, technology and management techniques within the realm of accounting firms were covered, showcasing what the future looks like for accounting firms.

The four main takeaways included: Finding qualified staff and keeping up with industry changes are top challenges in CPA firms; Technology can help enable CPA firms to work smarter; Women are top performers in the accounting space and Understanding generational needs is key to CPA firm success.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the key takeaways…