17 Jun: Relationship intelligence is the key to growing Assets Under Management

Every personal wealth manager handling Assets Under Management (AUM) knows that the best—which is to say, the easiest—way to get new clients is through referrals. If you’re keeping your clients happy, they’ll keep you happy by sending new business your way.  

But what do you do when those referrals dry up? Or, what if you’re new and don’t have a healthy roster of clients to make those referrals? 

As a personal wealth manager, it’s your job to always be on the lookout for a wealthy professional with lots of cash or other assets to invest under your management, preferably a…


16 Jun: 100 million reasons to celebrate: Introhive’s latest funding round

When we founded Introhive nine years ago, we had a pretty simple goal: we wanted to help companies better understand their relationships and fix their CRM issues. After spending our own careers muddling through messy and incomplete CRMs, and struggling to make the most out of the incredible network of relationships that large organizations have, we believed we could create a better way. And we did. But, from that simple goal we’ve grown and evolved over the years to offer a full suite of AI-powered solutions that help our customers accelerate revenue, increase productivity, and save huge amounts of time.


16 Jun: Introhive Announces $100M in Series C Funding Round

Introhive’s AI-powered sales and revenue acceleration platform provides real-time intelligence, automates and cleans data to boost the capabilities of sales, marketing, and customer support teams.

Read additional coverage: Venture Beat, Globe and Mail

Introhive, one of the fastest-growing AI-powered sales and revenue acceleration platforms, today announced it has secured $100M in its Series C round led by PSG, a leading growth equity firm partnering with middle-market software and technology-enabled services companies. The round is represented by Bank of America Securities and includes participation from existing investors The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Aegis Group Partners, Evergreen Coast…


25 May: 3 Warning Signs Your Deal is in Danger

3 Warning Signs Your Deal is in Danger

Anyone who’s ever been in sales knows that not every deal makes it to the finish line. But one of the things that differentiates a good salesperson from a great one is being able to see when a deal might be going off the rails so they can take proactive steps to get things back on track.

The trick is being able to see the warning signs your deal is in danger. 

Exploring these warning signs was what brought Salesforce, Gong, Proposify, Chili Piper and SalesLoft together on May 19, 2021 for…


20 May: Top 3 Reasons Financial Services Organizations Need Better Relationship Intelligence

Customer data is gold. Precious, shiny gold.

Thoughtfully used, customer data is the key to unlocking your business’s growth potential. It lays the foundation for forging more meaningful customer relationships and tapping into new revenue streams from existing customers and prospects. See what I mean? Gold.

The trick is knowing how to use it. To fully capitalize on the true power of customer data, you need to know where to find it and how best to leverage it. But, more importantly, you need to be confident in its quality and integrity.

As the saying goes: garbage in; garbage out. Customer…


17 May: 5 Ways to Win New Engagements

New engagements are the cornerstone of any Consulting firm.  Without them, the business wouldn’t grow or prosper. That’s why everyone is always on the lookout for ways to win new engagements.

We tend to focus on the deal itself, and often overlook how we get there in the first place. But every new Professional Services or Consulting engagement comes from somewhere, usually a certain opportunity or person. It’s important to remember that without new engagements, there are no new deals.

We have put together this list of 5 ways to win new engagements—ranked from hardest to easiest—and what each can…


13 May: Getting creative with virtual events: Introhive’s chocolate and whiskey tasting

If you haven’t learned the value of hosting fun events as part of your business, you’re missing out. It’s a great way to connect with customers—both potential and existing—and valued partners. Sure, you’re not able to meet people in person right now, but that just means you need to think of new ways to engage, like getting creative with virtual events.

Stay connected with virtual events 

Before the pandemic, I spent a lot of time doing face-to-face events. Unfortunately, for more than a year now those in-person events haven’t been possible. But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped hosting events. We’ve…


10 May: The Firm of the Future is Now – Changes in Accounting

The last 15 months have been different, to say the least, We’ve all done a lot of reflecting during the pandemic: reflecting within ourselves, in our firms and about the people around us. Technology has been thrust into the spotlight due to the change in our working landscape, and its impact upon the accounting profession has been significant. 

Looking back to when we could attend in-person events, walking into conferences you would consistently hear talks on ‘‘What is the Firm of the Future?’’ It was said that the firm of the future would be built on technology and AI would…


06 May: Salesforce + Introhive: Cracking the Nut in Professional Services

Up-and coming AI-powered platform Introhive and Salesforce, the #1 CRM are making huge strides in the business services sector.  

“When two technology firms complement each other so well, it’s hard not to have a fruitful relationship,” says Priya Mokha, Senior Alliance Director for Introhive, responsible for the Salesforce relationship globally. “We’ve cracked the nut when it comes to business services, which includes the vast industry where fee earners consult a multitude of clients using specific skill sets, such as legal, accounting and consulting firms.” 

Introhive and Salesforce have been partners since 2012 and share joint clients across a variety of…


05 May: How to implement a CRM in small to mid-sized law firms

This is the second in a series of blog articles designed to help law firms make the most of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). If you haven’t read the first one, you may want to catch up on it first:

Legal firms: choosing a CRM

Now that you’ve chosen a CRM to support your law firm’s business development efforts, it’s time for implementation. How to implement a CRM in small to mid-sized law firms looks different for each firm as workflows, processes, team distribution, and company culture all need to be considered.

A strategic approach is the best way…