18 Jul: How to Ruin a Sales Pitch

Do you feel overwhelmed when giving a sales presentation? Do you find it challenging to keep the attention of your prospect? As simple as the idea of talking about a product you know very well may sound, there’s really more to it than just talking about a few benefits and features. If benefits and features is the typical approach you take with your pitches, it could be costing you more clients than it gains.

So how can you make sure you’re providing and developing a solid, effective and well-received pitch? Well, here are a few things that you definitely…

04 Jul: Infographic: Why Relationships Matter in Modern Selling

Technology has changed the way we do business. It has changed the way we interact with our clients, partners, colleagues and employers. In a world where information is more readily available than every before, it’s obvious that the practice of sales has changed forever. If you’re a sales professional, you can relate to the ongoing changes as it relates to technology, social media, big data, relationship intelligence and the overall sales process.

The infographic below is based on a wide range of studies and reports that further showcase the shift in sales. Additionally, it shows the power of relationships in this…

02 Jul: Putting the Relationships Back in CRM: How to Retain Customers

Customer churn is one of the most painful parts of business. Businesses understand and agree that it’s more cost effective to retain customers than acquire new ones but businesses continue to struggle in sustaining long lasting relationships with their clients.

A recent study from IBM showed that most companies using CRM use it to solely gather transactional information with little focus on relationships. They focus on sales and place very little emphasis on what the “R” in CRM actually stands for.

The same study shows that companies who use data to foster relationships outperform those don’t. As such, it’s not…

27 Jun: 3 Things Robert Cialdini Can Teach Us About Building Better Relationships in Sales

Your success as a salesperson depends on your ability to influence and persuade your prospects throughout the sales process. It can range from persuading a prospect to take an initial call with you, influencing them on what criteria is most important during the evaluation process, to convincing them to accept your pricing and terms during negotiations. We can all agree that getting to “yes” at every step along the way is the goal, but drawing the map to do so can be less clear.

Dr. Robert Cialdini is one of my favorite thinkers on the science of persuasion and the…

13 Jun: Why Relationships Trump Leads

Our Current Sales Process

Let’s take a look at how we sell today: We receive leads from marketing and as Sales people, we try to close them. We’re satisfied with the end, which starts with 100 leads, but results in 2-3 opportunities. As Sales Organizations, we continue to buy leads through Marketing data and hire more Inside Sales but still get roughly the same outcome. The question is: Should we accept the status quo? If not, what can we do to improve our sales numbers?

Aim to Exceed the Status Quo

There are only two ways to improve your sales…

05 Jun: Is Mobile Dependency Good for Business?

Mobile phones have disrupted life and business around the globe.

We’re always connected and always accessible. This new level of connectedness is stirring up lots of debate and conversations around whether or not it’s too much. People argue that this sense of always being connected is ruining the concept of work-life balance; others argue that it’s making organizations more effective. However way you look at it, one thing we can’t deny is that smartphones have changed business forever.

Yet, it’s not just smart phones that are changing business, its also tablets and laptops driving a shift in the way business…

31 May: Keys to Building Relationships with the Customers You Have

We’ve discussed the value of relationships in prospecting and sales but fostering a healthy relationship between your company and your customers after the deal has closed is integral to adoption and your organization’s long-term success.

As you read this and reflect on the customer relationships you have developed throughout your career, they may seem as though they have formed rather spontaneously. There is no how-to guide on building relationships with your customers but here are some of the things that we think contribute to building healthy customer relationships to drive mutual success:

Listen. It may seem cliche and go without…

28 May: Retaining Customers Through Churn

In the past year I’ve watched both of my parents hang up their corporate uniforms and hit the road together on various journeys to kick off their retirement together. I can remember going to my father’s office as a young kid and playing with typewriters and early versions of dot matrix printers. His staff would load me up with free swag and candy, which obviously made the business world look pretty cool to me.

What I didn’t understand at that time was that my old man was a Sales Manager and a pretty darn good one. He believed that…

27 May: How Social Media Makes You a Smarter Seller

If you’ve been in sales for more than a year, you will have heard someone tell you that social media is a game changer. You will have heard about the power of nurturing leads through social media and the opportunities to identifying new ones. But have you heard how social media can make you a smarter seller?

Over the last few years, I’ve seen hundreds of sales reps go off to conferences and get inspired or motivated about social media. At these events they hear about the power of different channels and a few case studies talking about social…

20 May: Using “Acts of Deliberate Relationship Enhancement” To Get Ahead

In business, relationships are one of the most important assets you can own. The relationships we have with employees, clients, partners and vendors are key assets to our future employers and personal endeavors. Constantly striving to build and nurture these relationships is an important part of business.

Hank Paulson, the former United States Secretary of Treasury and CEO of Goldman Sachs formed a habit that professionals from all industries can learn from. In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Paulson claimed that he would call “60 CEO’s in the first week of every year to wish them Happy New Year.”