19 Mar: Why relationships trump resumes

Relationships have always been a critical part of how any company does business, especially when it comes to the sale and marketing of your service or product. Every single person has his or her own unique circle of relationships. Analyzing the relationships that exist within an organization can provide numerous benefits, including minimizing the need to cold call as well as develop a more qualified pool of potential sales leads. It can also provide human resource departments with an adept group of candidates for filling any vacancies.

There’s no question that internal referrals work. Larger organizations are taking internal job…

07 Mar: Not All Friends are Created Equal

A week or two ago I tweeted an article called The Average American Knows How Many People?. It quoted research that suggested that the average American knows about 600 people and “that most Americans know just 10 to 25 people well enough to say they trust them.” Interesting stuff. A good friend replied to my tweet and suggested that rather than research they could have just asked people how many friends people had on Facebook.

That got me thinking: does my social network reflect my true friend and business relationships and how does this apply to business networking and introductions?…

11 Feb: The Evolution from Social Media to Relationship Capital

There is a quote recycled on occasion on Twitter that is attributed to me. It’s goes like this:

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” ~David Alston

It does sum up my view of social. Yes social media can be an engagement channel, a source of insight or a content distribution network. For me it’s magic has always been around the topic of relationships. The discovery, building and maintaining of relationships. Social media has done a great job reminding businesses about the power of relationships. It’s also shown business leaders that…