16 Mar: 4 Ways CRM Automation Technology Helps Banks Cultivate Client Loyalty

A recent retail banking industry study by Gallup shows that when banks demonstrate that they are looking out for their clientele’s financial well-being, 84% of their clients become fully engaged with them. Even better, none are actively disengaged.

But here’s the rub: A mere 25% agree that their bank is looking after their financial well-being.

This indicates that there is opportunity in the banking marketplace. If you prove to your clients that you sincerely care about their financial health, you’re going to nurture intense loyalty in a fickle financial marketplace. This will pay off handsomely, considering it costs as much…


14 Mar: Attention Financial Institutions: Use CRM Automation Technology to Cross Sell Wisely

Cross-selling is almost a dirty word in the financial industry, thanks to the recent cross-selling controversy. Now, more than ever, banks are under intense scrutiny. However, cross selling is also the holy grail of business growth; it’s common knowledge that it’s far easier to retain and grow clients than win new ones. But proposals must be highly targeted.

CRM technology enhanced with CRM automation can help by providing rigorous client detail virtually anytime, anywhere with:

1. Data that is accurate, complete and up to the second. With CRM automation, data is automatically updated through both internal and external sources. There’s…


08 Mar: Three Ways CRM Automation Technology Makes Tax Season Easier on Accounting Firms

During tax season, when 80-hour weeks are the norm for too many CPAs, it’s a challenge to just complete the task at hand, no less cultivate better client relationships (beyond getting them a big refund or avoiding a huge tax bill). However, with CRM automation, you can easily build more time into your schedule and provide the proactive, attentive service that will make clients take notice. Here are just three ways this is accomplished, schedule a quick demo to find out how we can help make tax season easier.

1. CRM automation improves productivity.

Nothing is worse than having…