Social Selling

03 Sep: What Skills Are the Most Essential to Succeed in Sales Today?

We all know that training is an important part of business. We all know the value of working for an organization that invests in their people and looks to further develop their skillset. Reports show that in the US alone, businesses spend $15 billion per year on sales training. Yet, many sales people find the training they receive either ineffective or less than useful. We can do better.

Sales 2.0 as many call it; is en route for another revolution. Traditional sales methods are still engrained in many organizations and old school sales techniques are still rewarded and expected….

06 Aug: 10 Quick Selling Tips Every Sales Pro Should Know

Let’s assume you know the main elements of what it takes to sell your product. You understand the core qualities that go into being a great sales leader but need to touch up on some of the basics. Instead of signing up for sales 101, we’ve broken down some of the most basic yet often forgotten tips and tricks as it relates to selling.

It’s easy to get away from the basics because they seem so simple. Here are a 10 tried and tested sales tips that you may have forgotten about:

1. Ask for Warm Introductions & Referrals…

30 Jul: Infographic: How the Best Sales Professionals Use CRM and Technology to Win

It’s a business-eat-business world out there and sales professionals are being forced to embrace and use relationship-based technology if they want to be the best. Those who recognize and understand the importance of embracing technology and how they can use it to achieve their goals are able to stand out in a sea of competition.

In a recent study, we asked sales professionals across North America about their ongoing efforts and how they use technology. We looked to uncover how frequently they use their CRM system, if they’re using tactics like CRM automation, while also unlocking insights to uncover what…

23 Jul: Four Awesome Apps that Every Sales Pro Should Try

The mobile phone has changed business forever.

As many question the trend of mobile dependency, one thing we cant deny is the power of mobile software and its role in increasing effectiveness and efficiency in sales. Whether it’s through a mobile version of Dropbox, a new email application or your existing CRM, mobile has changed the game. But what about the apps that go under the radar?

We often talk about the importance of productivity apps and apps for managing our customer relations but there’s so much more out there when you escape the bubble. Here are four apps that…

03 Jun: Selling has evolved

You know that. We know that. And every good sales professional knows that.

Between social selling, customer relationship management, big data and extensive hiring processes – there are billions of dollars spent each year trying to optimize relationships with employees, vendors, partners and clients. For example, recently commissioned studies from Gartner indicated that 60% of North American organizations express intent of increasing their spend on public cloud services and SaaS systems for managing client relationships.

We wanted to know just how well this investment in social, CRM, data and? hiring was playing out. Specifically, we wanted to know whether…

27 May: How Social Media Makes You a Smarter Seller

If you’ve been in sales for more than a year, you will have heard someone tell you that social media is a game changer. You will have heard about the power of nurturing leads through social media and the opportunities to identifying new ones. But have you heard how social media can make you a smarter seller?

Over the last few years, I’ve seen hundreds of sales reps go off to conferences and get inspired or motivated about social media. At these events they hear about the power of different channels and a few case studies talking about social…

16 May: How Social Media Helped Me Eliminate Cold Calls

As mentioned in past blog posts, relationships are critical in the sales world. The evolution of social media has only made creating and maintaining them that much more important. This is because the barriers for creating these relationships have dramatically dropped. Twitter is a major reason for this as connections and conversations are being made with ease, considering that they can be started simply by posting or responding to someone’s tweet.

One of the things that I found most fascinating about Twitter is how available it makes people and how quickly relationships can be formed. I have a number…

08 May: Bringing Your Prehistoric Sales Team Into the Digital Age

The days of knocking on your customers’ doors and hoping they will answer are far behind us. The digital revolution has changed the people live and interact with the world. Today’s customers are more empowered than ever and live in a world of information overload and a reliance on connectivity.

Screens no longer stay in our living rooms; they surround us every at almost every moment in our day whether it’s our own devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, or the TV at the bank, the local fitness centre or half the billboards we drive by on our way…

17 Apr: Cold calling in the age of social media

If you’ve ever worked in a sales organization the first thing you heard from your manager coming out of sales school was that activities always drive results. It’s an age old, simple formula that says that “X” number of phone calls plus “Y” number of proposals will give you the desired result – your sales quota. A salesperson that subscribes to this notion that repetitive activities drive results probably uses canned and scripted reach outs with only the name and company name changed.

My 10 year career in B2B enterprise sales began in inside sales and that is exactly…

07 Mar: Not All Friends are Created Equal

A week or two ago I tweeted an article called The Average American Knows How Many People?. It quoted research that suggested that the average American knows about 600 people and “that most Americans know just 10 to 25 people well enough to say they trust them.” Interesting stuff. A good friend replied to my tweet and suggested that rather than research they could have just asked people how many friends people had on Facebook.

That got me thinking: does my social network reflect my true friend and business relationships and how does this apply to business networking and introductions?…