Staffing and Recruiting


02 Jun: The Power of Data in Staffing and Recruiting

Never before has the power of data in staffing and recruiting been so strong. Like most industries, the staffing and recruiting sector has been impacted, challenged, and forever changed throughout the course of the pandemic. 

As they struggled to adapt to rapidly shifting needs in their industry, staffing and recruiting professionals have learned that the solution to their challenges is technology. In particular, S&R pros who lead the pack have embraced technology that helps them manage and leverage the power of data.

Technology has helped drive forward how staffing and recruiting firms collaborate and communicate. Tools like Zoom, Slack, Google…


07 Apr: Key Staffing & Recruiting Tech Trends – 2021

Recruiting in 2021 has no doubt been shaped by the challenges, solutions, and lessons learned during the great global pivot of 2020 – but the transformation is not complete yet! The staffing and recruiting sector has been making the tech-driven changes necessary to maintain “business as usual,” but in 2021 we will see this trend continue to expand as companies find new ways to pull ahead of the competition.

Global Recruiting & Competition

In 2020, most companies had to quickly move their teams remotely. After adopting the right technology to set their teams up for success, many found they could…