Warm Introductions


21 Nov: Data and Analytics: The Fuel for Business Development With Ben Roles

Few understand the role of client data and analytics more than Ben Roles, Introhive’s new Senior Technical Solutions Manager. With a background in developing unique CRM solutions for businesses spanning several industries, Ben has seen first-hand the effect successful data analysis can have on business growth and development.

Here at Introhive, we are thrilled to have Ben join our team. Equipped with architectural and technical knowledge of CRM solutions that improve business processes, Ben will be a vital player in helping our clients achieve maximum ROI from their CRM systems.

07 May: Leveraging Relationships – It’s More Than Just LinkedIn

As we wrote a couple weeks ago in our blog post Don’t Take Short Cuts With Social Selling meaningful relationships can be a great source for generating leads and accelerating sales cycles. These relationships aren’t simply created by sending a single tweet or InMail message though. Jill Rowley nailed it on the head when she recently tweeted “Social Selling is building RELATIONSHIPS; not amassing followers”.

Whether it is life-long friends, family members, past and current co-workers or business acquaintances, you’re surrounded by connections. Companies also recognize the potential of connections when it comes to business development – searching LinkedIn accounts and profiles…

02 Mar: More Than Just Introductions

Relationship mapping and social selling are starting to become hot topics, as everyone is looking to get a competitive edge. It has led to the popularity in the business world of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as people try to figure out who they know that knows someone that might be interested in their business.

It has also led to companies such as Introhive, who go beyond the relationship mapping of just social connections by also incorporating those connections found in email, meetings, and mobile. No matter where the connection is, these powerful relationships can be leveraged for…

16 Sep: The Networkers Guide to Making Introductions

In business, relationships are king. Our relationships with our employers, partners, clients and employees are what lay the foundation of our successes or failures. How we treat people and how we interact with one another is directly related to how well we do in business. One of the most powerful and important aspects of business is the power of an introduction.

An introduction can be the differentiator between a good hire and bad one. An introduction can be the difference between closing a round of funding or failing to raise a round completely. It can also be the difference…

13 Sep: Video Infographic: What Comes After Social?

Social media and mobile devices have become ubiquitous in recent years, and their impact on business has been monumental. We’re now more connected than ever, but it can be hard for business to reach those connections and leverage the relationships and networking into sales.

For businesses, the next wave of technology must help them better understand these relationships and apply this new insight into actions for salespeople. We believe an important part of this new technology mix are services and applications that help business people make and nurture meaningful relationships, and that warm introductions are an important part of that…

02 Jul: Putting the Relationships Back in CRM: How to Retain Customers


Customer churn is one of the most painful parts of business. Businesses understand and agree that it’s more cost effective to retain customers than acquire new ones but businesses continue to struggle in sustaining long lasting relationships with their clients.

A recent study from IBM showed that most companies using CRM use it to solely gather transactional information with little focus on relationships. They focus on sales and place very little emphasis on what the “R” in CRM actually stands for.

The same study shows that companies who use data to foster relationships outperform those don’t. As such, it’s…

16 May: How Social Media Helped Me Eliminate Cold Calls

As mentioned in past blog posts, relationships are critical in the sales world. The evolution of social media has only made creating and maintaining them that much more important. This is because the barriers for creating these relationships have dramatically dropped. Twitter is a major reason for this as connections and conversations are being made with ease, considering that they can be started simply by posting or responding to someone’s tweet.

One of the things that I found most fascinating about Twitter is how available it makes people and how quickly relationships can be formed. I have a number…

17 Apr: Cold calling in the age of social media

If you’ve ever worked in a sales organization the first thing you heard from your manager coming out of sales school was that activities always drive results. It’s an age old, simple formula that says that “X” number of phone calls plus “Y” number of proposals will give you the desired result – your sales quota. A salesperson that subscribes to this notion that repetitive activities drive results probably uses canned and scripted reach outs with only the name and company name changed.

My 10 year career in B2B enterprise sales began in inside sales and that is exactly…

15 Apr: Best practices for email introductions

Getting the most out of Introhive is all about forming new relationships by unlocking the connections that already exist within your trusted circle of contacts and friends, but sometimes the medium in which an introduction occurs can get in the way. We’ve all found ourselves staring down as the little notification number climbs higher on our mobile devices while thinking “Please stop, so I can actually get something done.”

It was while thinking about this problem that I found an article by Chris Fralic, a partner at First Round Capital, called The art of the email introduction: 10 rules…