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17 Aug: How to Make a Convincing Business Case for CRM at Your Firm

You know that organizations adopt customer relationship management (CRM) systems with good reason. CRM systems are the conduit to better understanding your clients and their specific needs. And that positions you to properly align the right people with the right accounts. Just as important, a CRM system captures invaluable details about prospect relationships, such as who within your firm knows the prospect and what conversations they’ve had to date. Simply put, the information stored in your CRM system can equip your firm to more effectively pursue new business with both existing and prospective clients.

With so much to gain from…


09 Aug: Can CRM Help Your Firm Grow? Research Says Yes – and Here’s How

While many elements factor into business development, many firms are finding that customer relationship management (CRM) software is playing a key role. That’s because business development today requires more than prospecting and making cold calls. In fact, these days, firms increasingly drive new business – both from existing and new clients – by developing and nurturing relationships with key influencers and decision makers. Firms find that enhancing these efforts is just one of many advantages of using CRM.

Research shows that organizations can expect to see ROI of $2.50 to $5.60 on every dollar invested when CRM is properly integrated….


08 Aug: Is CRM Automation the Missing Link in Your Marketing and Business Development Departments?

Sophisticated organizations call upon both marketing automation and CRM systems to power their marketing, business development, and sales efforts. However, many organizations overlook an easy way to amplify the impact of these technologies. Read on to understand how CRM automation serves as the linchpin of modern B2B marketing and business development departments.

What is CRM Automation?

As the name implies, marketing automation is designed for use by marketers. Customer relationship management (CRM), on the other hand, is usually the system of record for sales teams. In most organizations, it’s used to capture and manage an organization’s information about prospects and…


27 Jun: Try This Before You Abandon Your Customer Relationship Management System for Another

For many organizations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is akin to the heartbeat of the business. It’s where essential information about new and potential customers lives. In essence, it’s a repository of all the details about your most important business relationships. It helps your sales and business development (BD) professionals connect the dots between companies, contacts, and opportunities, and manage relationships and interactions with current and prospective customers. Moreover, it helps them keep track of and harness this complex web of information for the good of the business.

Unfortunately, we hear far too many stories of firms frustrated by lack of…


16 May: Sikich Partner Reveals How Professional Services Firms can Avoid 3 Common Implementation Pitfalls

Ray Beste could easily share an oral history of CRM. As a Partner at Sikich, a leading professional services firm, he has worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since its beta version in 2002. Today, he is the partner in charge of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 service area for Sikich.

For nearly 20 years, he has guided the implementation of CRM systems at leading organizations across North America, so he is well acquainted with the most pervasive CRM implementation challenges. He outlines the most common pitfalls he’s witnessed and how to dodge them.

1. Expecting Technology to Fix Process Issues



12 May: CRM for Professional Services: EY Shares 4 Steps to Increase Adoption

Between the two of them, Chris Hergesell and Randy Batson have nearly a half century of experience building better client relationships through technology. As Executive Director at Ernst & Young, Randy is responsible for growing and managing and Microsoft Dynamics capabilities. As Executive Director – Customer Operations and Performance Improvement, Chris leads enterprise transformations that use digital technology to improve selling efficiency and effectiveness.

They know what it takes to create a CRM that sales and business development professionals eagerly embrace, and share their best ideas to achieve this:

1. Build CRM around your sales process.

Randy bemoans a…


09 May: The Physics of CRM Adoption: CRM Thought Leader Reveals How It Quickly Increased Revenue by 20%

What do CRM adoption and phy cs have in common?

Danny Estrada, Founder of E Squared, a CRM strategy and management consulting firm, would say it’s the principle of inelastic collision: In essence, when balls, which are bouncing in a vacuum, collide they’ll share their energy. The more energy that’s produced, the more energy that’s shared.

“For CRM to be effective, everyone must be working at the same level, cadence, pace and direction, they must expend the same amount of energy, just like in inelastic collision. Of course, I never thought I would use the concepts of physics in relation…