05 Oct: The Big Bang of RIA! How Relationship Intelligence is Helping Sales Blow Away Quotas

Marketing hates it when they work so hard to create leads and then sales fumbles them… or doesn’t maximize their chances of closing.

And Sales hates it even more for that matter.

Imagine if marketing leads were truly jumped on! If they were handled by the person with the best relationship. Life would be so much smoother.

Happily ever after would be the mantra of sales and marketing. Think Shrek and Fiona. Like that happy!

But salespeople are overloaded with so many things, including sales tools they are required to adopt. Ask yourself, “Does your sales team think that…


28 Sep: Behold as We Enter the Age of Relationship Intelligence Automation

Learn how your sales team can close more deals – fast – with RIA: An Interview with CRM Expert Brent Leary

Can you honestly say that your CRM is a revenue generator? Most of us cannot.

If you are part of “most of us” then it’s time to become aware of the new age of Relationship Intelligence Automation. RIA is calling for enterprises to transform their CRMs. So don’t even think about throwing them out or consider replacing them.

The focus of RIA, as Brent Leary of CRM Essentials says is to:

build more efficient relationships help increase opportunities, and…


13 Sep: 5 Benefits That Only Happen When You Automate Your CRM Already

“This CRM is going to revolutionize our business!”
-Every CRM Buyer Ever

Your team was elated. Remember? You just signed off on your new CRM. Maybe there were even a few high fives, a few back slaps.

After months of researching vendors… brainstorming an exhaustive list of questions… narrowing down the list of vendors… more questions… gaining buy-in from an incredibly thorough IT department… at last, you e-signed the dotted line.

Whew! Full steam ahead!

And then you discovered: The rest of the team – and especially the sales team – wasn’t nearly as excited. No biggie. That’s…


20 Jun: Getting the most from your CRM with Data Automation

Sales, Marketing, and Business Development teams use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for driving sales, generating new business, and retaining existing clients.  Executives rely on the data in CRM to measure performance, track client satisfaction and keep a finger on the pulse of their core business.  In order for CRM systems to be truly useful, the data must be complete, accurate, and up-to-date. In addition, the intelligence stored in CRM must be available when and where users need it.

As discussed in a previous post, entering contact details and tracking activities such as meetings,  phone calls,  and emails can…