24 Mar: British Law Firm Biz Dev Pro Reveals the Secret to Making a CRM Drive Business

If you’re frustrated with your CRM and are certain there’s a better solution out there, you’re right and you’re wrong, says Susanne Pugsley, Founder of Pugsley Sidwell Business Development, a business development consultancy for the professional services sector.

“It’s really a matter of checking to see whether it’s a problem with the CRM, or a problem with the information that’s held within it, and the processes used to access and update that information,” she explains. “I think that there are plenty of CRMs on the market that could work perfectly well, but they’ve been populated and maintained badly.”

CRM as…


21 Mar: Yolanda Cartusciello Shares Why the LMA Annual Conference is Her Must-Attend Event

Yolanda Cartusciello, a Partner with the legal consulting firm, Bernero & Press, has made it her mission to attend the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference for more than a decade. And if she hasn’t shown up it’s because she sent one of her employees instead.

“The hardest thing for me, when I worked as a law firm Chief Marketing Officer, was getting enough budget to send my team members to the LMA Annual Conference,” she admits. “There was content specific to all the different levels of people I had in my group. The LMA does an outstanding job of…


20 Mar: 2017 LMA President Jill Weber Shares How the LMA Conference Advances Careers Faster

Whether you’re new to legal marketing or a well-seasoned pro, you’re going to walk out of the Legal Marketing Association conference with exclusive insight that will help you do your job better and advance your career.

“There’s no other event that offers the depth and breadth of legal marketing knowledge,” says Jill Weber, 2017 President of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). “You’ll be constantly learning, during educational sessions and even networking and social events.”

Jill relates her own conference experience. During lunch at the 2014 LMA Annual Conference in Orlando, Jill was seated next to a marketing professional from a firm…


02 Mar: How Law Firms Can Solve CRM Adoption

If you want a litmus test to see if your law firm will survive in the long term, consider how eagerly your lawyers adopt CRM.

“CRM enable us to effortlessly communicate with our most important audience: clients, referral sources, prospects, and friends of the firm…this is our gold. Without these folks, we don’t have a law firm,” explains John Remsen, Jr., President and CEO of The Remsen Group.

John’s knowledge is based on decades of helping law firms develop and implement long-term strategic marketing and business development objectives. In fact, he recently discussed with us his eight strategies for building a…


27 Feb: And the Survey Says…If Your Law Firm is Pressured to Drive Business, You’re Not Alone

To gauge what’s happening in today’s legal marketplace, the Legal Marketing Association and Bloomberg Law surveyed 172 business development and marketing professionals and 114 lawyers, of which more than 100 were partners, at law firms with at least six attorneys. In April, they published the results in their report: Are We There Yet? Revealing the Latest Trends in Marketing and Business Development.

Law Firms are Under Pressure

The study confirms what legal marketing experts have been stating over and over again in this blog. (Consider this recent post about building a law firm marketing department.)

Technology, economic woes, and shifts…


23 Feb: Why CRM Adoption Will Make or Break Your Marketing and BD Department

It’s no secret that lawyers have a reputation for being tech laggards. And while some lawyers embrace tech-aversion as if it’s some quirky idiosyncrasy, in truth most lawyers are eager to adopt technology when the advantages are clear.

The problem behind low tech adoption at law firms is that lawyers are paid to be discerning. They’re also trained to identify leverage. So when a law firm’s tech initiative doesn’t align with its lawyers’ best interests, it’s doomed from the start. I won’t pretend this dynamic doesn’t exist in other industries, but the legal sector is especially sensitive to it.



21 Feb: 4 Strategies for Building Better Relationships with Corporate Procurement Teams

If your law firm wants business from Fortune 500 companies and their international equivalent, you must know how to work effectively with procurement. That’s the word from Silvia Hodges Silverstein, PhD, Executive Director of the Buying Legal Council.

While general counsel may still be the final decision makers in legal services purchases, it will be very challenging to reach that final level of consideration without procurement’s approval.

“Procurement has been gaining influence in the buying of legal services in the last decade,” says Dr. Silverstein. “They expect firms to behave like prudent business partners who have their best interest top…


17 Feb: 8 Traits of a Strong Law Firm Industry Practice Group Leader

The most efficient and effective way to become the go-to law firm for a specific industry is through industry practice groups, according to John Remsen, Jr., President and CEO of The Remsen Group. But their success, he says, depends on strong leadership.

How does he know this? Through decades of helping law firms develop and implement long-term strategic marketing and business development objectives.

“I can give you many, many examples where firms set up groups where one really thrives. They’re out doing things, there’s energy, and over time it starts to roll,” he says. “And then there’s another group. They can’t…


16 Feb: 4 Procurement Trends that Every Partner Should Know About

While procurement has long kept close watch over spending on outsourced services, law firms were exempt from their influence. But challenging economic times have forced Fortune 500 companies, and their international equivalents, to expand procurement’s influence to their legal departments. So if you want to work with these business leaders, you better become accustomed to dealing with procurement first, according to the 2016 Legal Procurement Survey, published by the Buying Legal Council.

“It has definitely become a buyer’s market,” says Silvia Hodges Silverstein, PhD, Executive Director, Buying Legal Council. “Clients are starting to flex their muscle and bring in procurement…


09 Feb: 7 Steps to Create a Successful Industry Practice Group: An interview with John Remsen, Jr.

“There’s riches in niches,” declares John Remsen, Jr., President and CEO of The Remsen Group. And this is why he encourages law firms to develop industry practice groups.

“They promote cross-selling and teamwork, and focus a group of lawyers on a well-defined target audience,” he explains, noting that industry practice groups are the gateway for becoming the go-to firm for specific industries, such as banking, transportation, or real-estate development.

John’s insight is based on decades of helping law firms develop and implement long-term strategic marketing and business development objectives. He recalls an experience from a quarter century ago that demonstrates the…