25 Jan: How to Empower Law Firm Marketing and Business Development: 6 Strategies from John Remsen, Jr.

There’s little question that today’s law firms need to build successful marketing and business development teams to drive revenue. But it doesn’t stop there. Law firm leaders must also create an environment that empowers them to excel.

We recently spoke with John Remsen, Jr., President and CEO of The Remsen Group, about how law firms build successful marketing departments. John’s insight is based on decades of helping law firms develop and implement long-term strategic marketing and business development objectives. In this post, John deliveries six strategies for empowering your business development and marketing teams.

1. Educate your firm.


11 Jan: 8 Statistics that Indicate Big Law Firms are in for Big Changes in 2017

If 2017 proves to be anything like the past two years for Big Law, brace yourselves, warns David Lat. The founder and managing editor of Above the Law warns that the sky could very well be falling for big law if the latest American Lawyer Am Law 100 report is any indication. It notes that while Big Law has shown overall growth in revenue, revenue per lawyer, and profits per partner, “the continued flattening of demand for legal services and patchy conditions in core markets…saw growth slow to its lowest level since the Great Recession.”

If you think your…


06 Jan: 9 Strategies to Build Successful Law Firm Marketing and Business Development Departments by Timothy Corcoran

Timothy Corcoran has a message for law firm marketing and biz dev professionals who have multimillion-dollar practices after decades in the business: Your timing to enter the profession was impeccable, but the gravy train has left the station.

“We’ve just exited a world in which there was near unlimited demand for legal services for over a generation,” he explains. “You became a multimillionaire during a time when the phone always rang all the time. You’re still a good person and a good lawyer. But the world’s changed; you’ve got to compete differently.”

As principal of the Corcoran Consulting Group,…


22 Dec: The Future of Law Firm Marketing: 4 Expert Predictions

Increased competition, mergers and acquisitions, and the advent of the digital age have dramatically transformed law firm marketing. With so much change already, can law firms expect even more by 2020?  Four legal-marketing leaders weigh in.

Mobile Will Matter More

Daniel Sarath, Digital Marketing Executive for Mangus Legal, points out that mobile traffic has now overtaken desktop, and that points to how consumers will engage in the future.

“For law firms in 2020, this not only means having a responsive mobile website (this should be obvious in 2016, yet many of our firm’s competitors still do not have…


16 Dec: Get the Scoop: Here Are 8 of 2016’s Most Popular Legal Marketing Articles

The internet is teeming with marketing knowledge. And we all have copious amounts of time to read it all and sort through what applies to the legal industry, right?

Okay, maybe not.

To make it easier for you to keep up, we’ve put law-firm marketing’s best of the internet at your fingertips with 8 of the most-shared law-firm marketing articles of 2016. Save time and bookmark this page the next time you need marketing inspiration.

1. Top 5 Law Firm Marketing Ideas This article reminds us that marketing success doesn’t require complexity or the latest technology. You can drive opportunity by…


15 Nov: Yes, It Is Possible for Law Firms to Succeed with Cross-Selling

Most lawyers view cross-selling the same way millennials view social security. They realize it’s intended for the greater good, but the personal benefits are unclear, and they sure aren’t going to contribute more than what’s required.

Let’s suppose for a second that lawyer pay was determined purely by profit sharing. Now the personal benefits of cross-selling become clearer because the data overwhelmingly supports it.

Cross-selling proven to increase revenue, service efficiency and loyalty

BTI Consulting Group found that the typical law firm has about 23% of the potential business it could be receiving from a top client, and that…