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16 May: Sikich Partner Reveals How Professional Services Firms can Avoid 3 Common Implementation Pitfalls

Ray Beste could easily share an oral history of CRM. As a Partner at Sikich, a leading professional services firm, he has worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since its beta version in 2002. Today, he is the partner in charge of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 service area for Sikich.

For nearly 20 years, he has guided the implementation of CRM systems at leading organizations across North America, so he is well acquainted with the most pervasive CRM implementation challenges. He outlines the most common pitfalls he’s witnessed and how to dodge them.

1. Expecting Technology to Fix Process Issues



12 May: CRM for Professional Services: EY Shares 4 Steps to Increase Adoption

Between the two of them, Chris Hergesell and Randy Batson have nearly a half century of experience building better client relationships through technology. As Executive Director at Ernst & Young, Randy is responsible for growing and managing and Microsoft Dynamics capabilities. As Executive Director – Customer Operations and Performance Improvement, Chris leads enterprise transformations that use digital technology to improve selling efficiency and effectiveness.

They know what it takes to create a CRM that sales and business development professionals eagerly embrace, and share their best ideas to achieve this:

1. Build CRM around your sales process.

Randy bemoans a…


05 Apr: Technology Separates High-Growth from No-Growth Professional Services Firms

What differentiates professional services firms that are growing from those that are not? Above anything else, it’s the adoption of technology.

Consider a just-released survey by Hinge Research Institute of more than a thousand professional services firms generating at least $1 million annually. The most successful, those that are growing 20% year over year, pointed to technology as the primary reason they are outperforming their competitors. Of these high-growth firms:

They were nearly three times more likely than no-growth firms to reference their use of technology as a differentiator. They listed technology as their number one differentiator; it even outranked…