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07 Dec: 4 Statistics that Show Why We Must Bridge the Gap between Collecting Customer Data & Actually Using It

I have a challenge for you: Ask your sales or business development professionals how many sales they’ve won because of your CRM system.

Chances are, if you’re like most organizations, you’re going to hear crickets or maybe even spy the slightest eye roll.

We base our hypothesis on a study by CSO Insights. They report that more organizations than ever have CRM systems. In fact, it’s almost ubiquitous considering 80% of the more than 1,000 companies they surveyed have a CRM solution. But only a third have adoption rates of at least 90%, this is almost a 10% drop…


23 Nov: My Answer to 5 Common CRM Automation Questions

I get to spend a good amount of one-on-one time with clients, consultants and analysts in the legal, financial and professional services industries as part of my job. I say “get to” because I truly relish it – it’s a great opportunity to learn from people who shape their respective industries. From a selfish standpoint, this facetime helps to ensure Introhive is positioned to serve the future needs of our clients.

We discuss a wide variety of problems and solutions, but if there’s one recurring roadblock that prevents firms from making their “good to great” leap, it’s a lack of…


22 Nov: Data Driven by Default [eBook]

Today’s sales and business development teams sport some scary stats:

67% of sales pros don’t hit their individual quotas More than half of all salespeople close at less than 40% Only 50% of salespeople feel like they can access key players

What’s a revenue producer to do when faced with stats like these?

Let’s use sales intelligence solutions so we can laugh our way past quota (and keep laughing all the way to the bank). Click through the SlideShare below to learn how.

If clicking through slides isn’t your thing, and you’re more the scrolling type, here are…