09 Aug: Can CRM Help Your Firm Grow? Research Says Yes – and Here’s How

While many elements factor into business development, many firms are finding that customer relationship management (CRM) software is playing a key role. That’s because business development today requires more than prospecting and making cold calls. In fact, these days, firms increasingly drive new business – both from existing and new clients – by developing and nurturing relationships with key influencers and decision makers. Firms find that enhancing these efforts is just one of many advantages of using CRM.

Research shows that organizations can expect to see ROI of $2.50 to $5.60 on every dollar invested when CRM is properly integrated….


14 Mar: Attention Financial Institutions: Use CRM Automation Technology to Cross Sell Wisely

Cross-selling is almost a dirty word in the financial industry, thanks to the recent cross-selling controversy. Now, more than ever, banks are under intense scrutiny. However, cross selling is also the holy grail of business growth; it’s common knowledge that it’s far easier to retain and grow clients than win new ones. But proposals must be highly targeted.

CRM technology enhanced with CRM automation can help by providing rigorous client detail virtually anytime, anywhere with:

1. Data that is accurate, complete and up to the second. With CRM automation, data is automatically updated through both internal and external sources. There’s…


26 Oct: Complex Selling Q &A: High-Profit Prospecting with Mark Hunter and John Dougan

There’s no question that sales prospecting (especially for complex, high-stakes sales) has changed dramatically over the past decade. But there’s also a boatload of misinformation that can lead sales and business development pros down the wrong path.

To set the record straight on what works and what doesn’t in the new age of selling, we turned to two of the foremost sales prospecting experts we know: Mark Hunter and John Dougan.

Introhive: Mark, you literally wrote the book on high-profit prospecting. In your experience, what separates the organizations that succeed with high-profit prospecting?

Mark Hunter: The organizations that do…


19 Oct: Complex Selling Q&A: How to Handle a Stalled Sale with Tom Hopkins

Legendary sales expert Tom Hopkins has trained over five million sales pros since 1974. So we thought Tom would be the perfect person to ask about one of the most frustrating and complex selling scenarios: the stalled sale.

The stalled sale is that elephant in your pipeline. It’s there, but you don’t want to talk about it… don’t want to even think about it… You’ve seemingly checked every box that needs to be checked and you just want to change the status of your hard-fought opportunity to “closed/won” already!

The more complex the sale, the higher the stakes, the…


12 Oct: Complex Selling Q&A: Matt Heinz and Barbara Giamanco on Winning with Customer Data

In the modern vendor/client relationship, there’s no question about who occupies the driver’s seat: the driver.

Okay, bad jokes aside, we all know the customer is in charge. For sales and business development teams, this means that anything short of an excellent experience won’t result in a conversation, let alone a closed sale.

Customer data and relationship intelligence play an increasingly pivotal role for business development teams that need to ensure contextual, on-point experiences for clients and sales prospects alike. To help you do more with customer data, we turned to two of the brightest minds in the sales…


05 Oct: The Big Bang of RIA! How Relationship Intelligence is Helping Sales Blow Away Quotas

Marketing hates it when they work so hard to create leads and then sales fumbles them… or doesn’t maximize their chances of closing.

And Sales hates it even more for that matter.

Imagine if marketing leads were truly jumped on! If they were handled by the person with the best relationship. Life would be so much smoother.

Happily ever after would be the mantra of sales and marketing. Think Shrek and Fiona. Like that happy!

But salespeople are overloaded with so many things, including sales tools they are required to adopt. Ask yourself, “Does your sales team think that…

16 Oct: How to Effectively Motivate Your Sales Team

Rewarding sales teams with money is a tactic that employers have used for decades. However, in recent years, economists, psychologists and sociologist alike claim that money may not motivate all people.

Perhaps Notorious B.I.G. was on to something when he coined the line, “Mo Money Mo Problems”.

Cash incentives, whether through bonus systems, pay increases or commissions have long been used to motivate sales teams to close more deals. While the ideology that reward enhances performance holds true today, it’s not always effective for all employees.

Let me explain.

Daniel Pink, author of To Sell is Human: The Surprising…