We’re hiring developers. Here’s why you’ll love the work.

Introhive is looking for talented developers to join the team. You’ll work with over 20 other engineers who come from diverse technical backgrounds. Some are seasoned veterans while others are talented new grads. Working at a startup is hard, no question, but very rewarding personally and professionally. We think you’ll love working here, here’s why:

  • We’re building new things from scratch. You became a developer to build things. We do it everyday.
  • We want your ideas not just your skills. It’s a small team and everyone contributes to what we build and how we build it.
  • You’ll work with people as smart as you. We’re a diverse team that have done a lot and we learn from each other.
  • We’ve done this before. Almost everyone on the team has built successful products and businesses before.
  • We get things done. Things get built everyday and we keep the meetings to a minimum.
  • It’s cool stuff. We work at the intersection of mobile, CRM, social and data and it’s really interesting.
  • We have fun. We’re an unpretentious and relaxed crowd. Low on the drama and high on support for each other.

We’re looking for a variety of roles: mobile, UX, CRM and more. The positions are based in Fredericton but Halifax and Saint John could also work. Applying is easy.