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Supercharge your revenue team

The Introhive platform is your secret weapon against busywork—trust us to boost productivity and cultivate high performance

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CRM data entry and spend more time generating revenue

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Customer data to fuel business growth

Introhive Reveal Icon - Relationship Intelligence Solution


Revenue opportunities hidden within company-wide relationships

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Revenue teams to smash their targets.


Introhive is a revenue acceleration platform that helps teams of all sizes and complexity sell more, tap into their relationship networks, and reduce customer churn.

Introhive services a wide range of markets, The world’s leading brands across high tech, telecommunications, commercial real estate, professional services and more trust Introhive to boost revenue growth and accelerate business transformation. Check out our industries page here.

We charge by license (per mailbox) and a one time-fixed cost for implementation which includes installation, training, and ongoing support. Check out our pricing page to learn more >>

Case Studies

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Win, Grow, and Retain Revenue

You invested in a CRM because you saw the potential—now is the time to realize that potential with Introhive’s revenue-acceleration platform.

Talk to us today and learn how you can transform your business relationships and watch your revenue skyrocket.

Our Library

Introhive | data insights 1 | Spanning the scale of insights: finding greater success through sales technology

Spanning the scale of insights: finding greater success through sales technology

In a recent webinar with Introhive, Forrester Principal Analyst Anthony McPartlin described the following “scale of insights”—a hierarchy where data is transformed to…

Staffing into the future

The bright future of technology in staffing and recruiting

Technology in staffing and recruiting has never been more important. To effectively compete for talent in a labor market that’s tighter than ever,…

Introhive | Customer Data Managerment hero | 4 ways sales tech benefits buyers, not just sellers

4 ways sales tech benefits buyers, not just sellers

Who do you think sales tech benefits? For many people, when they think of sales tech they think the primary beneficiary is sellers.…

Introhive | Atlanta day 2 2 | Amplify Pre-Party Dinner & Drinks

Amplify Pre-Party Dinner & Drinks