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Put your business data to work with Introhive’s revenue acceleration platform

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No matter what your data struggles are, trust Introhive to do the job

Fix my data so I can

  • spend less time manually adding and updating information in CRM
  • always have accurate, reliable customer information in CRM
  • spend more time building relationships that influence revenue

Help me maintain accurate customer data in real-time so I can

  • retain and grow customer accounts more effectively
  • focus on building relationships and winning new business within existing accounts
  • rely on CRM data to make smarter, more informed business decisions

Help me make sense of my data so I can

  • map relationships across my colleagues, prospects, and customers
  • foster more profitable relationships to win more new business
  • equip revenue teams with actionable customer intelligence to increase renewals and upsells

Help me equip my revenue team with recommendations so I can

  • increase sales team productivity and speed up cycles
  • improve win rates across sales teams to surpass revenue targets
  • transform every sales professional into a top performer

How the platform works

Introhive transforms your messy data into real insights and opportunities, delivered directly to your revenue teams when and where they need them.

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Introhive is your trusted companion along the revenue acceleration journey

Introhive Automate Icon - CRM Data Capture Solution


Automate CRM data entry and spend more time growing your business

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Cleanse customer and prospect data on demand to fuel revenue growth

Introhive Reveal Icon - Relationship Intelligence Solution


Reveal new sales opportunities across your existing business relationships

Introhive Guide Icon - Guided Revenue Intelligence Solution


Guide data driven decisions to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates

Everybody wins with Introhive

No matter who you are…

revenue acceleration solutions for executives and management

Executives & Management

Enable your management team with the data and insights they need to lead, coach, maximize employee productivity, and drive predictable revenue.

revenue acceleration solutions for marketing teams


Maximize campaign performance with a finely tuned marketing database of 5-10X more contacts that are fully enriched and maintained in real-time.

revenue acceleration solutions for sales teams

Sales & Revenue Ops

Automate manual data entry in CRM for busy sales people, while surfacing relationships and connecting the dots for warm introductions.

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Customer Success

Increase life-time value of your most profitable relationships with a 360 degree view of customer engagements, activities, and relationship scoring.

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What our customers have to say

Enterprise scale

When your servers are as busy as ours, they deal in astronomical numbers. When most companies were scaling down in 2020, Introhive’s platform captured 20 million+ contacts, mapped more than 60 million relationships, and supported 200,000+ customers across 90 countries. We work with our share of global behemoths, but not all of our customers are that large.

80 % +
Growth year over year
95 % +
Retention rate of our customers
90 % +
Data accuracy
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Our proud partnerships

Our proud partnerships

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Our awards say it all

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Trusted by leading revenue teams

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Case Studies

Our Library

Introhive | Copy of Marketing Executive Roundtable Webinar Ads | On-Demand Webinar: Unlocking the Power of Data Using BI Tools

On-Demand Webinar: Unlocking the Power of Data Using BI Tools

crm data chaos

On-Demand Digital Panel: Taming CRM Data Chaos

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Business Development Playbook

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Your underused CRM is leaving revenue on the table.
Untapped opportunities hiding in your contacts could be worth $millions.
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