Introhive is proven to drive user adoption of CRM and increase sales and business development efficiency. We partner with leading CRM solutions to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, relationship intelligence and data automation to improve team productivity, data accuracy, and completeness of information in CRM.


Automate the syncing of data to CRM and save up to 5+ hours of manual data
entry per week, per user


 Identify “who knows who” in your company right in CRM to map more relationships and opportunities


Deliver pre-meeting digests and CRM intelligence directly to users to accelerate business development and marketing impact

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“We are a relationship-based organization and an innovative tool like Introhive helps give us a comprehensive view and valuable business insights by enhancing the base information provided by our client relationship management tool.


Philip Grosch
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
Partner, Global Front Office Transformation Impact Centre Leader, Canada
“Any firm that wants to invest in CRM has to leverage automation tools to get the best return on investment and highest level of success. From the very beginning we had to solve the problem of efficiently getting the right contact and activity information into our CRM database. Not having a tool like Introhive to solve this problem was a non-starter for us.


Jon Metcalf
Fenwick & West
Director of Marketing Technology

“We were quite impressed with the product and the fact Introhive was Canadian. 
Plus, we received strong references from people related to our organization. It gave us comfort that Introhive was future-oriented.


Milosz Skrzypczak
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Director of Market Intelligence

Gould Ratner logo_600x600

“Introhive is a platform that has allowed us greater access to our own information. It has unleashed the value of our information in such a way that it allows us to increase our ability to interact with our own people, our clients, other companies and prospects that we already know, let alone new ones we didn’t know were in our network.
When you introduce a tool like Introhive to your firm there’s no question that it raises your game, raises your internal interest and adoption, and raises the bottom line.”
John M. Byrne
Gould & Ratner
Chief Marketing Officer
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