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We’re running out of room to showcase all of our awards!

Black and green Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award, Canada 2021 winner. Black and green Deloitte Technology Fast 500 award, North America 2021. Grey and red G2 award, users love us. Yellow and red G2 award, best meets requirements, mid-market, summer 2022. Yellow and red G2 award, best meets requirements, summer 2022. Green and red G2 award, best support, mid-market, summer 2022. Yellow and red G2 award, easiest admin, mid-market, summer 2022. Green and red G2 award, easiest to do business with, mid-market, summer 2022. Yellow and red G2 award, easiest to use, mid-market, summer 2022. Yellow and red G2 award, easiest to use, summer 2022. Red G2 award, high performer, mid-market, summer 2022. Red G2 award, high performer, summer 2022. Purple G2 award, high performer, Europe 2022. Red G2 award, leader, mid-market, summer 2022. Red G2 award, leader, enterprise, summer 2022. Red G2 award, leader, summer 2022. Red G2 award, momentum leader, summer 2022.

FIND Map existing relationships across your business to engage prospects faster

  • Spot untapped revenue opportunities
  • Kick cold calls to the curb and find that warm lead into every opportunity
  • Track your buyer champions to nurture repeat business
  • Increase the quality of your CRM data, making it more complete, accurate and reliable for sales and marketing
  • Transform customer data into insights that reveal every revenue opportunity
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WIN Increase win rates with trusted intelligence and close more deals, faster

  • Always be prepared for prospect or customer calls with pre-meeting intelligence briefs, delivered when and where you need them
  • Edge out the competition with a more efficient and effective, insight-driven revenue team
  • Involve multiple internal departments to match the expertise buyers seek
  • Reduce reliance on gut feel with an AI-backed analysis of winning chances
  • Show customers your entire organization is committed to their success
  • Seamlessly integrate CRM data as part of a merger or acquisition to ensure M&A success
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GROW Maximize customer retention, renewal, and expansion

  • Increasing customer retention by 5% can translate into 25-95% more revenue, and because acquiring new customers can be 4x more expensive, your retention strategy cannot be an afterthought
  • Your loyal customers are your greatest asset and differentiator, building the single, most influential marketing channel: word-of-mouth
  • Introhive gives you the intelligence required to mitigate churn risk and maximize value by deeply knowing your customers’ needs, smoothening unexpected transitions, bridging gaps, and nurturing your most valuable relationships
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DATA Relationships are the most important asset of your business

  • Keep up with your customer’s ever evolving journey
  • Clean up missing, outdated, and incomplete CRM data
  • Gather a 360 degree view of all your customer data and turn it into actionable intelligence
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Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say

Introhive | introhive lbmc | Demo

Introhive adds instant value to our end-user professionals in the form of time savings and contributes to the bigger objective of our firm; gathering a holistic view of client intelligence in a centralized repository.

Introhive | introhive testimonial lbmc suzanne reed | Demo
Suzanne Reed
Head of Marketing

Introhive | introhive hitachi solutions | Demo

Initially we brought in 12 months of historical data on our contacts. The implementation was painless, quick, and training was minimal. Little effort, high reward. If someone is moving CRM systems, the pain of data migration is intense. Introhive streamlined the process and made it immediately usable.

Introhive | introhive testimonial hitachi solutions stuart cassie | Demo
Stuart Cassie
Sales, Marketing & Alliance Director

Introhive | introhive pwc | Demo

Introhive is a quick and easy way to share client insights and intelligence with extremely busy professionals. From mapping who knows who across our firm, to automating mundane data entry for our professionals, Introhive has accelerated our speed to action.

Introhive | introhive testimonial lbmc christine robertson | Demo
Christine Robertson
Partner Sales & Marketing

Introhive | introhive kaufman rossin | Demo

You can do it the Introhive way — where data capture is automated and users can easily sync contact information and activities — or you can hire assistants to enter that data manually. We chose the automated way. We didn’t see the value in hiring a million people to simple do data entry.

Introhive | introhive testimonial kaufman rossin maxie hernandez | Demo
Maxie Hernandez
Marketing Automation Lead