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Your trust matters

Introhive’s philosophy about security is simple: earn trust by meeting and exceeding current data security and privacy standards while maintaining constant vigilance over our customer’s data.

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Our commitment to data security

Introhive employs the best people, practices, and technology to put customers first. You get peace of mind that our state-of-the-art technology and best practices developed by industry experts are in place to keep your data secure.

As your data stewards, Introhive commits to:
  • Only collect the data we require and store only what is essential to our operation
  • Limit the amount of data we transmit between clients and server
  • Encrypt all data in transit
  • Encrypt all data at rest
  • Never underestimate the human element to data security
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Data encryption that keeps you safe

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Physical security prevents breaches of trust

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Annual 3rd party penetration testing

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Planning for the worst



SOC 2 Type II

Privacy and security


Secure software development

Security monitoring


Awareness and training

In-house experts

Global enterprise-proven protection

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