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Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Introhive drives digital transformation through a variety of partnerships, serving shared customers through our commitment to mutual success. Introhive supports every partner with referral fees, enablement materials, tools, and co-marketing content, as well as rules of engagement to ensure transparency and continued business alignment.

Partner with us
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The Benefits of Partnering With Introhive

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Access to sales, marketing, and technical resources available through our Partner Portal, “The Hive”

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Market Leadership

Align your company with the emerging leader in relationship and revenue intelligence

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Vertical specialization

Create, market, sell, and support joint solutions that fit the needs of specific markets

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Capture untapped opportunities through new service offerings and in additional markets with a business model that fits your goals

Whatever your objective, we offer a number of partner business models to meet your needs

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System Integrators

Leveraging the Introhive Platform to enable clients to digitally transform and reimagine their customers business.

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Technology Partners

Integration of partners supply application or platform-as-a-service that technically integrates with Introhive. Technology partners provide joint customers a seamless end-to-end experience.

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Referral Partners

All Partner Types – Industry Partners, Strategic Integrators, Referral (fee and non-fee).

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Providing customers with an end-to-end Introhive solution, including; sales, consulting, implementation services and support.


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Elite Partners

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Introhive and Salesforce combine into a proven solution to scale up your CRM implementation. When using Salesforce with Introhive, organizations experience an increase in CRM user adoption while delivering improvements in sales efficiency, productivity, and revenue generating activities across the board.

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A community of solvers combining human ingenuity, experience, technology and products to help organizations build trust and deliver sustained outcomes, PwC’s alliance with Introhive is shaping digital transformation.

Select Partners

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Deltek and Introhive help organizations save time and money with intelligent data automation and relationship insights which boosts productivity, technology adoption, quality of data captured and most importantly, revenue.

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Introhive and Equilar combine the world’s most connected network of executives and board members with automated data collection and AI-powered relationship intelligence to empower organizations of all sizes to ditch mundane data entry and cultivate deeper c-level and board relationships, accelerating revenue growth.

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RelPro delivers a unique combination of smart prospecting, quality leads, and targeted intelligence for sales, marketing and business development professionals. Together, Introhive and RelPro provide an end-to-end business development solution that combines sales intelligence with relationship intelligence with CRM enrichment and data automation.

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BoardEx provides users with a repository of rich board members and executive intelligence the most actionable connections for new business opportunities. When partnered with Introhive, BoardEx combines contextual relationship data with relationship intelligence to provide accurate and actionable intelligence.

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When paired with Introhive, Wilson Allen enables users to inject relationship data into their business intelligence tools, allowing them to view and analyze data in a way not previously possible.

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Introhive and Upper Sigma provide organizations an end-to-end solution that helps surface relationships and populate them to Salesforce while Upper Sigma will ensure that the information is displayed and managed in a way that is relevant to the end user.

traction on demand

As North America’s largest dedicated consulting and application development firm, Traction on Demand bends cloud technology around business process. Leveraging expertise gained from 5,000+ projects on the platform and four standalone applications, Traction make people and businesses more efficient. Traction has also been named a top 10 best place to work in Canada since 2014

Mutual Value

Mutual Value helps its clients develop stronger trusted relationships that create far better outcomes for them, their clients and suppliers. Their approach is based on decades of experience and their own models and methods. Mutual Value + Introhive is truly a match in heaven when it comes to leveraging relationships to accelerate revenue and scaling up your A-team.

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Introhive has a vast eco-system of partners to help you in your business challenges. Through our solutions, integrations, leading technology vendors and channel partners, we are uniquely positioned to help your organization embrace digital transformation.