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So you want to be a top product marketer, huh? — An introduction to PMM with Julie Taylor

This is the first part—well, Part 0 really, because it’s the introduction—of a multi-part series all about Product Marketing. Introhive’s Director of Product Marketing, Julie Taylor, will guide you through the ins and outs of creating a product marketing group from scratch.

Drawing upon her own experience and extensive research, Julie will let you in on all (well, almost all) of her trade secrets about essential PMM programs, and pass along all the lessons she’s learned along the way to building a successful team that made the finalists in this year’s Product Marketing Awards.

Crack open a snack and get comfy, because Julie’s about to rock your product marketing world.

Part 0: Introduction to PMM—So you want to be a top product marketer, huh?

I was two months away from wrapping up my maternity leave and looking for something new. When sleuthing the internet looking for a new gig, I landed on a posting called “Product Marketing Manager.”

Even though I came from the marketing world, I still had to Google it. Like most people, I had never heard of product marketing. Immediately, it caught my attention. 

I read a whack of articles and attended a couple webinars to learn more about the role. I applied, I got it. 

The first day in product marketing: look great, feel great, overdress for success

My first day—I’ll never forget my first day—I walked into the building where our old office was I was going to meet my boss for the first time and she says, “Hey Julie… is that what you’re going to wear?” Oh man did she catch me off guard. I had a nice laptop bag, curled my hair, blazer, matching slacks…even matched my socks which is off-brand for me. Damn, I thought I looked great!

What am I going to do at that point, run into a janitor’s closet to change? We walked into the office and met a group of young, fun, scrappy, clearly coffee-loving people, but all wearing tees and jeans. I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb.

I was the first product marketer hired at introhive. It was my responsibility to build the function, carve out my expertise, and decipher what it was and what it wasn’t. There was a massive backlog of “stuff” that I needed to prioritize, covering an incredibly wide range of initiatives. 

You can accomplish a lot in 2 years

Fast forward two and a half years later: the team has grown to 4, and we make the PMAs top PMM team list of finalists. 

Looking back, we have evolved a lot and we continue to do so. At a start-up/scale up, years are measured in dog years. There have been some critical programs that we’ve built and invested in, that I would attribute to our success. Of course, some major learnings along the way. 

As a PMM just kick starting my career, I would have killed for a guide of some sort. Someone or something pointing me in the right direction. So! I want to share my journey thus far: those learnings, those programs, and my trade secrets. 

Of course, it’s only my perspective at this particular point in time, not necessarily the most perfect or well-oiled, but what has worked for us so far. My hope is that those who are in my position can gain a little insight, and have a little ‘aha’ moment during each one of these videos.  

First topic is:

What is PMM at Introhive?

If you asked me this a couple years ago, I would have said: we’re the nexus between product, marketing and sales. But I see it differently now. 

The vision, what we’re striving to be, is the owner of 3 ultimate truths: Customer, Product and Market:

  1. Market—What shifts are taking place in the market, and how do we get close with influencers that push the market? What trends can we anticipate? Do we need to pivot to accommodate and lead the market? 
  2. Customer—Who is our customer, what do they care about, what are they motivated by, what barriers are they running into, and what outcomes they are trying to drive?
  3. And last but not least, Product—What does our product do and what value does it deliver? How does that stack up to what the customer wants, or the job they’re trying to get done? Where are points of friction, or potential opportunities?

These 3 truths drive successful GTM yes, of course – what PMM doesn’t love a good launch? But almost more importantly, we’re providing strategic direction to the organization as a whole. Where is there whitespace? Where should we double down? How can we better serve our market? It’s a full circle – the voice of the market and customer in the product, and the voice of the product in the market.

My coworkers are likely tired of hearing it, but I truly believe that all feedback is a gift – the breakfast of champions – so please, during this series, feel free to reach out. Let’s have coffee. And if you have trade secrets to share, please – let me in on them!


But wait, there’s more…

This is just the start of our adventure into Product Marketing with Julie. Continue the journey with Part 1: How to get buy-in for your Product Marketing plans. Also, why not check out more product blogs from Introhive?

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